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Martial Arts Party Supplies, Martial Arts Party Decorations

Martial arts party supplies are an exciting addition to any birthday party, family get-together, or martial arts themed event. Whether you’ve got a thrilling martial arts competition to celebrate or prepare for, or a birthday party for someone in training, you and your guests will love this Asian themed tableware, decorations, favors and other party products. Make your martial arts celebration a memorable one with the help of our fantastic martial arts party supplies!

Martial Arts Party Ideas

It takes skill and preparation to become a martial artist, but that doesn’t mean a martial arts themed party can’t be fun. Show everyone the true martial arts spirit with an engaging party!


Wooden Board Cake: One of the main things that martial artists do during exhibitions is break boards. While you don’t want anyone chopping this in half, a wooden board cake is simple and easy to create. Use a basic brown icing for the top of the cake, and then draw in the wood grain to create a more realistic effect.

Belt Color Drinks: Each ranking for martial arts is designated by a belt color, and what better way to have different drink flavors? Put each drink color in a white cup, and use a marker to create a belt around the “waist” of the cup. Some typical colors for belts include white, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, and black. See how many different flavors you can think of that use each of these colors!


Tumbling Obstacle Course: Part of practicing martial arts is knowing how to take a fall and tumble. Build a fun and safe tumbling course for your young martial artists. Have them jump and crawl their way through different obstacles, and see who has the fastest time. You can even make things a little more fun by adding a (easy) board breaking challenge that doubles as the finish line!

Catch the Prize: A martial artist must have lightning-fast reflexes, and what better way to test that than with catching different prizes? This can become tough to do if there are too many participants, so make sure that each person gets some one-on-one time to do this challenge. Simply show them the prize that they can win and toss it in the air. If they can catch it, they win the prize, it’s that simple!

Teach a Lesson: Do you have a young martial artist of your own? Give them the chance to teach their very own class! All you need to do is set up some space out in the yard, and let everyone line up and practice movements. Not only will you be getting everyone interested in martial arts, but you’ll also be exercising them in the process!

One of the key aspects of martial arts is knowing how to prepare for a strike. While you won’t have to worry about anything so dire, be sure to land a critical hit with your party by having the right party supplies!