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Mario Kart party supplies are here! Race, jostle and fight your way to the finish with the addition of our Mario Kart party items. Watch out for Bowser, Donkey Kong, Dry Bones and the others (unless those happen to be your favorite characters) as you gather your party plans together. Make your Mario kart themed party a fun adventure for all of your guests with the help of our exciting Mario Kart party supplies!

Mario Kart Birthday Party Ideas

Take to the tracks with one of the most popular games by Nintendo. Mario Kart has been around for several generations, and it serves as a great party tool when you have the right foods and activities.


Item Snacks: One of the biggest things about the Mario Kart games is the items that you can use against your opponents. Use this to your advantage and create a bunch of fun snacks for kids to eat. Things like star-shaped crispy treats, mushroom-shaped cupcakes, and a cake in the shape of a nice, red turtle shell. Let your creative side loose and see how many items you can recreate!

Checkered Flag Cake: The goal in Mario Kart is to win, and what better way to signify this than with a checkered flag cake? Use marble cake for your base, and then add icing on the top of it to create a checkered pattern. You can place figures on the cake to give it a more “Mario” experience as well.


Racing Tournament: What kind of Mario Kart party doesn’t have any racing? Test everyone’s skills by hosing a Mario Kart tournament. If you have more than one gaming system, try out different variations of Mario Kart to see who has the best overall skill. Up to four people can play at the same time, so you can rest assured that everyone will be involved with this fun activity.

Green Light Go, Red Light Stop: Part of racing is knowing when to step on the gas, but another part is knowing when to stop. See how well your guests can hit the brakes with a game of green light go, red light stop. Call out red and green, alternatively, eliminating kids who move after you have called “red.” The game is over when everyone has been called out or reaches the finish line. The distance and interval of the game is up to you.

Box car races: Build your very own racer and see who is the fastest with a small box car race. Give everyone the necessary parts to make a small kart that they can race down a sloped path. These cars can consist of actual boxes or wooden frames if you prefer. Make sure that nobody cheats by pushing their vehicle, and see what car gets the most distance to be the winner!

Using items properly is a key component to winning in Mario Kart, and the same can be said for your party preparations. Don’t be left in the dust; get the right party supplies today!