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Magic Party Supplies, Magic Decorations, and Magic Birthday Party

Our magic party supplies are an outstanding choice if you’re planning on a magician performing at your birthday party or other fun event. Or, maybe you’re not having a magician, but instead you’ve got an aspiring one in your house who would love this enchanting theme. Whether it’s your love of magic or a big day centered around a magician or both, you and your party guests will love these magical and exciting magic party supplies!

Magician Birthday Cake

We’re of the mind that you don’t have to go to great lengths with a birthday cake to make it a part of your magic themed birthday party. Simply adding some decorations to the top of a sheet cake or magician themed cupcake rings to the top of your cupcakes will almost certainly make your guests happy. But, if you’re thinking about a cake with more pizazz than usual, you may opt to go the extra mile and make or buy a magician themed shaped cake. By far, the most common magician themed birthday cake that we see out there is centered on the magician’s top hat. With or without the rabbit poking out , a top hat cake is a great accent to a magic birthday celebration.

The Magic Toothpick Trick

There are a million simple “magic” tricks that you could show off for your guest at your child’s magic themed birthday party. If your child’s into performing magic, work with them to get these tricks down ahead of time, or if they just like magic, perhaps you can perform the tricks and show everyone how they’re done afterwards. Either way, the toothpick trick is a classic and easy trick for you or the birthday boy or girl to perform at your get-together.

What you’ll need: A tinfoil pie plate, 6 wooden toothpicks, liquid dish soap, and water.

Preparation: Before you begin the trick, fill the pan full of water and dip one of the toothpicks into some of the liquid dish soap.

For the Performance: Arrange the toothpicks without the soap in the shape of a pentagon in the water filled pan. Make sure the ends of the toothpicks overlap. Tell your audience that you are going to magically make the toothpicks in the pan fly apart on their own. Cast a “spell” over the toothpicks using the soap soaked toothpick. Go all out using magic words and everything. Then, dip the soap filled toothpick into the center of the pentagon and the toothpicks will move away from it. Allow your guests to try it themselves with the toothpicks, and mysteriously, nothing will happen.

How It Works: Without getting all sciency on you, the toothpicks lying in the water are floating on the water’s surface tension. The soap on the sixth toothpick will break this surface tension causing the other toothpicks to move away towards the remaining surface tension in the pan. Eventually, the surface tension of the entire pan of water is lost, which means that the trick won’t work again until the pan is cleaned thoroughly.