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Littlest Pet Shop Party Supplies, Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party

Littlest Pet Shop Party Supplies will turn any birthday party into a pet lover’s dream. These sweet and adorable pets have been around for years and are still popular today. Make your party a Littlest Pet Shop Party with the assistance of our fantastic Littlest Pet Shop Party Supplies!

A History of the Littlest Pet Shop

You probably know that the Littlest Pet Shop characters have been around for years. But, how did they first start? Which pets came out first? How many different pets are there?

The Littlest Pet Shop toy line was originally produced by Kenner in 1992. They were designed as a series of pets in their environments. For instance, a kitten would include its own miniature pet carrier and some other items. The pets were made to be able to somehow move or create an action. Most of these actions were pretty simple, like moving limbs or wings.

The first sets were introduced in 1992 and then some were rereleased in 1993 with different colors. These sets included were released under various themes like “Ready to Go Pets” (included Hurrying Hamsters, Happy Puppy, Ticklish toucan, Color Change Chameleon, Bashful Bunny and Frisky Kitty), “Pet Presents” (included Cutesy Kittens, Mice, Turtles and Playful Puppies), “Cozy Home Pets” (included Puppy Trio, Gerbils, Fish and Monkeys) and “Mommy and Babies” (Mommy and Baby Puppies, Mommy and Baby Kitties and Mommy and Baby Bunnies). They also released a number of play sets.

A new version of Littlest Pet Shop was introduced in 2005. The pets in this version have enlarged (but cute) heads for the various creatures. Today, there are over 2,000 types and varieties of pets that have been created since they began.

Make Your Next Birthday a Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party!

Littlest Pet Shop party supplies continue the fun tradition that Kenner started years ago. Mix and match plates, cups and other tableware to create a wonderful Pet Shop setting! Whatever your party, your Pet Shop fans will love our Littlest Pet Shop party stuff!