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Lego City Party Supplies, Discount Lego City Decorations

Lego City Party Supplies are a great way to celebrate your loved one’s love of Legos. Excite your special one with our fun Lego City decorations, favors and other cool stuff at their next birthday party, sleepover, family event, or other get-together. Decorate your party with our fabulous Lego City Party Supplies!

Lego City History

As you probably know, Lego City is the theme name that Lego releases most of its city themed building sets under. They are based on the various aspects of city life with many of them focusing on emergency responders (such as police, ambulances, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc.) and/or transportation services such as train buildings, airports and others.

The history of Lego City can be traced back to 1978 with the introduction of Lego Town. Lego Town happened to be the first theme that introduced Lego’s well-known mini-figures. From there, Lego City stylized themes could be found under names “Town Junior”, “World City” and “Legoland Town”. All of these were wrapped under one name “Lego City” in 2005. The first Lego theme to be introduced under the Lego City name was a reintroduction of an earlier airport set. Today, subthemes like Police, Trains, Construction and otehrs are grouped together in their subcategory under the Lego City umbrella.

Lego Design

One of the reasons for Lego’s success throughout the years is its design of universal interlocking pieces. Despite the new themes, new pieces and the constant innovations of Legos, the pieces have remained compatible with each other. Since the modern Lego brick was created in 1958 (Legos date back much further), all pieces should still work together. In other words, you should be able to take your new Lego City set that you just purchased and combine in with your 1958 set with no problems.

Legos Make a Great Party!

Lego City Party Supplies are another fun way to enjoy you and your child’s love of Legos. If you love Legos, you’ll love decorating your party with these wonderful birthday supplies!