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Hear ye, hear ye, it’s time for the ultimate birthday party! Get the knights and princesses together for a Knight birthday party theme. These are a few ideas for fun birthday party activities and snacks for a Knight birthday bash.


Cross the Moat – Set up a moat in the center of your yard or living room using cones or pillows. Then designate the birthday kid as the dragon in the moat. The other knights have to try to cross the moat to the other side without getting caught by the dragon. If caught, they become a dragon and go after the other knights.

Swords and Shields – Set up a craft table where kids can make their own shields using paint and cardboard. Have them decorate their own family crest to glue on the front of the shield. Then, blow up elongated balloons for their sword and have your very own knight duels.

Target Practice – Make your own version of target practice using bean bags and different targets in dragon shapes and other monster shapes. The kids can then take turns trying to hit the targets with the bean bags.

Knight Relay Races – Set up the ultimate relay race in your yard. First, set up a pile of different clothes for their “armor.” Then in other side, set up a tunnel using a big, cardboard box. Then farther away set up a kiddie pool for a “moat.” And finally put a damsel in distress doll under a laundry basket. The kids then have to run around the obstacle course doing the different activities like suiting up, crawling through the tunnel, crossing the moat and finally rescuing the damsel.


Medieval Feast – Make it a real medieval feast by serving only finger food without utensils for all your little knights of the round table. Serve chicken drumsticks, potato fries, corn on the cob and other fun finger foods.

Root Beer Steins – Serve root beer floats with vanilla ice cream in big knightly beer steins. The ice cream creates extra foam just like knight’s mead.

Slay the Dragon – For a fun knight birthday feast, serve dragon sushi rolls, either buying them from a local sushi restaurant or making them yourself. Roll your favorite sushi and then top with slices of avocado. Line up the rolls into the shape of a dragon, adding orange fish eggs for the eyeballs.

Castle Cakes – Build your own castle using a bunch of different cakes. Use vanilla icing colored silver with food coloring and powdered sugar and silver sugar decorations. Build a castle cake using different sizes of square cakes and top with marshmallows to make the towers.