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Justice League Party Supplies, Justice League Cupcake Rings

Justice League party supplies are an exciting way to begin planing for your Justice League-themed event. Our Justice League cupcake rings are the perfect cupcake toppers (and party favors), our colorful tableware will create an amazing party table and our other Justice League party supplies are sure to add to superhero character to your party. Have a fantastic time at your celebration with the super addition of our fantastic Justice League party supplies!

Some Interesting Information About The Justice League

The Justice League or The Justice League of America is a superhero team that first appeared in 1960. The original team consisted of superheroes Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter (look him up) and Flash. Since that time, the group has added and dropped numerous members (like Marvel’s Avengers and other superhero collections). Today, the Justice League is one of DC Comics' best known superhero teams still appearing in a variety of regular series and mini-series publications.

Justice League Trivia Fun

If you’re planning on a Justice League birthday party or other Justice League-themed event, a quick and easy way to add some Justice League fun and originality to your celebration is some Justice League trivia. Find some Justice League trivia questions or interesting facts, add them to colorful construction paper, and leave them around your setup for your guests to find. You can even write the answers on the backs of your party plates or elsewhere. Make a game out of it if you’d like. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it and your guests should have a good time as well. We’ve included a few examples to help you get started.

In what comic book and episode did the Justice League first appear?
The Justice League first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #28 in February/March 1960.

In the early years of the Justice League, where was the Justice League’s secret cave located?
The secret cave where the Justice League meets is located just outside Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

Later on, for security reasons, where did the Justice League relocate their headquarters?
They relocated their headquarters to a satellite orbiting the Earth after the Joker learned of their cave’s location.

Even later, the Justice League would move their headquarters to another location known as the “Watchtower”. Where was the Watchtower located?
The Watchtower was located on the moon.

What was the name of the alien warriors that originally brought the Justice League together as a team in order to thwart them?
The Appelaxians were able to defeat the superheroes individually, but were not able to defeat them together. Thus, the heroes formed the Justice League to stop the Appelaxians.

Justice League Party Supplies, Justice League Decorations

Justice League party supplies are a great way to bring your superheroes together for a celebration. Whether throwing a birthday party or planning a movie night, you and your guests will love our exciting collection of Justice League tableware, Justice League decorations, party favors, cake decorations and more! Make your superhero team a little more fun with the addition of our fun and action-packed Justice League party supplies!