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Safari Party Supplies, Safari Birthday Party, Safari 1st Birthday

Our adorable safari party supplies are a wonderful addition to your safari-themed get-together. Whether celebrating a safari birthday party , a safari 1st birthday party or some other celebration, your guests will love seeing this safari theme for your special occasion. With adorable and charming safari animals decorating these favors, decorations, plates, cups and other tableware, your safari party is sure to be a success.

Safari Trivia and Fun Facts

So, you’ve decided to host a safari themed party. You’ve selected your safari party supplies and began planning for your big day. So, what else do you think you might need for your special event? Well, we always think it’s kind of fun to have some themed trivia on hand. You can use this as part of a party activity, or have the questions and answers on hand as part of your overall decorations. So, we’ll get started with a little trivia below, and if you like the idea, feel free to use what we come up with or come up with some of your own.

What does “safari” mean in Swahili?

In Swahili, “safari” means “long journey”

When was the first safari and who led it?

William Cornwallis Harris led an expedition to observe wildlife and look at landscapes in 1836.

Did you know? Elephant brains weigh around 11 pounds, making them the largest brains of any land animal.

What are a group of monkeys called?

A group of monkeys is referred to as a “mission” or a “tribe”

Did you know? Elephants have a great sense of hearing primarily using their ears. But, they also have hearing receptors in their trunks and, believe it or not, in their feet, which are extremely sensitive to vibrations.

How long can a giraffe’s neck typically grow?

A giraffe’s neck can grow up to 2 meters long. That’s over 6 feet!

Did you know? Lions typically kill their prey by strangulation, not by the use of their sharp teeth.