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Hunting Party Supplies, Hunting Cupcake Rings

Hunting cupcake rings and other hunting party supplies are a great way to add hunting style to any hunting themed get-together. Throw in some colorful tableware, a handful of hunting party decorations and maybe some party favors for the guests and you should be prepared for any hunting bash. Make your hunting party a little more fun with the addition of our awesome hunting party supplies!

Hunting Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Experience the thrill of the hunt with a hunting party. Kids and adults alike are bound to enjoy these activities and treats that show the true appreciating for the sport.


Camouflage Cake: Let your cake hide from your guests with a creative camouflage cake. Bake a marble cake and ice it with different colors to create this effect. You can do this very easily by purchasing a few cans of vanilla icing and coloring them with different dyes. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your skill, and the cake will be delicious as well!

Survival Foods: When you go out hunting, there are some crucial “Foods” that you need to have. Some of these might include trail mix, beef jerky, and some nuts. Have an abundance of these snacks for everyone to eat on the go. You can also give everyone some cold cans of soda for them to drink as they sit out in the heat looking for their next target.


Make Your Own Animal Call: One of the things about hunting is being able to decipher each animal call in order to locate your target. Have fun with this idea by letting your guests create their own call. Who knows what zany cries and squawks will be heard once people start getting creative. Laughs will be had as everyone tries to make their own unique call.

Scavenger Hunt: Part of being a good hunter is having a sharp eye. Test the skill of your guests by giving them a scavenger hunt to partake in. You ca leave them general clues and let them spot the prizes out for themselves. Be sure to hide them well so that it takes a few good looks to find the prize. Don’t let them assume that the prize is on the ground either, hanging it above their heads may throw them for a loop!

Dart Throwing: Test your accuracy and see how well you can throw with a friendly game of darts. Give everyone a chance to throw a few darts and see who is the closest to hitting the bulls-eye. You can switch out the dartboard for balloons that have prizes in them as well. Simply put a slip of paper in the balloon and when it is popped, give the guest a corresponding prize. What better way to test your hunting skills than by throwing some darts?

Don’t be caught without the right equipment for your hunting party. Get all of you essential party supplies to ensure that your party hits the target!