How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Party Supplies, How To Train Your Dragon 2 Birthday Party

How to Train Your Dragon 2 party supplies are getting ready for a landing here at Discount Party Supplies! They're a great way to decorate a party for anyone who loves the new movie. Add cups, plates, decorations, favors and other fun items to your party setting to create the perfect how to Train Your Dragon atmosphere. Your party guests will love your effort when you add these How to Train Your Dragon 2 party supplies to your get-together!

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How to Train Your Dragon Party Supplies, How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Ideas

How to Train Your Dragon Party Supplies are a wonderful way to get your birthday party, movie night or other fun function off to the right start! Decorate your get-together in fun How to Train Your Dragon style with the help of this wonderful birthday theme.

How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Ideas

Fire up your birthday party with a How To Train Your Dragon theme. If your child loves the movie and loves a good Viking theme, the How To Train Your Dragon birthday party is a great way to celebrate the ultimate party bash.


Train Your Dragon – All the guests become Dragons and the birthday kid is the Viking. The Viking then acts as Simon of Simon Says and trains his dragons. The last standing dragon can then be the Viking.

Catch the Tail – Have all the kids line up and hold hands. The last child holds a bandana or scarf. The first child tries to run around and grab the “tail.” It’s a fun, active game and you can switch up the line order so each child can be the head or tail.

Feed The Dragon – Make a fun Dragon version of a traditional bean bag toss. Cut out the shape of a dragon head using oaktag paper. Then have kids toss colorful bean bags into its mouth to try to “feed it.”

Make a Sword and Shield – This is a great ending activity for the party and the kids can take home the craft. They can build their own sword and shield using cardboard paper, silver or gold spray paint (with adult supervision!) and glitter or stickers. For added bonus, have them also make their own Viking hat complete with yellow yarn braids on the sides!


Viking Cupcakes – Make a cupcake with a twist by creating Viking Helmet mini cakes. Make a regular vanilla cupcake with caramel icing. Then, shape fondant into horns (it can be vanilla white just like a Viking Helmet) and stick them into the cupcake using toothpicks.

Dragon Cookies – Make sugar cookies into dragons using cookie cutter shapes and green colored icing. You can make additional fire shaped cookies with orange icing to fire up the cookie platter.

Viking Warrior Snacks – Vikings ate simple, good food. Serve your little Vikings the best medieval grub with fried chicken drumsticks and baked potato fries. The best part of the Viking food is that the kids can eat it all with their hands! You can also add Swedish meatballs for the real Viking heritage!