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I remember the time I went to my family cottage when I was about 6 years old. I brought my whole collection of Hot Wheels along to play with on the lakeshore. Stupidly, I kept them in a paper bag, and stupidly, my sister threw the bag out with the trash. I cried most of the long drive home. What were we talking about, again? Oh yeah, Hot Wheels party supplies. You should get some.

Review By: Bambi from Wichita, KS
"We bought a lot of Hot Wheels party supplies for our son's birthday. Everything arrived on time and looked great."
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Party Pack

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Hot Wheels Party Supplies, Hot Wheels Birthday Party

Hot Wheels party supplies are a fast-paced and exciting way to get your Hot Wheels birthday revved up. Decorate your party table settings with these thrilling Hot Wheels themed plates, napkins, cups and more. And don’t forget the Hot Wheels decorations, favors and other party items. If you’ve got a family member who’s a Hot Wheels fanatic, they will absolutely love these awesome Hot Wheels party supplies!

The History of Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels were first released by Mattel in 1968. That year they released 16 models, the first being a dark blue custom Camaro. Of the first 16 cars, 11 were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley. 10 of the first 16 were custom versions of real cars and the remaining 6 were based upon real show cars. Hot Wheels were a huge success with the public right from the beginning.

In 1969, more Hot Wheels models were released, and the Hot Wheels brand was off and rolling. A total of 26 new cars would be released and they sold well. Hot Wheels had now established themselves as the premier small toy car model brand in the industry.

Hot Wheels continue to release new cars every year up until today. They have changed model types and designs throughout the years and have remained a mainstay in the toy car model world. Collectors and kids prize Hot Wheels for their fun and authenticity. In fact, there is now an Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention held every year. In 2000, a collector paid $72,000 (the highest price ever) for a Hot Wheels Volkswagon Beach Bomb. This was a prototype, and 1 of only 25 ever made.

Like we said, Hot Wheels can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Make your next celebration a little faster and a little more flashy with the help of our exciting Hot Wheels party supplies!