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So, you’ve decided to host a Hobbit themed birthday party, movie night or other Hobbit themed special occasion? Why not get the party started right with our wonderful assortment of Hobbit party supplies, Hobbit decorations and other related party items? Journey from Bilbo’s homeland to the Lonely Mountain and make your Hobbit get-together a little more fantastic with the help and fun of all of our amazing Hobbit party supplies!

The History of The Hobbit

The Hobbit has been one of the mainstays of fantasy fiction since its publication in 1937. Written by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again received critical acclaim almost immediately. It was nominated for the prestigious Carnegie Medal and won a prize for best young fiction. It has remained a classic up until today.

The Hobbit tells the tale of a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who is unwittingly enlisted with a group of dwarves seeking the treasure that was taken from them by a dragon. Gandalf the Wizard arranges for Bilbo to travel with the dwarves as their “burglar”, and the novel follow the adventures that occur along the way. Bilbo is originally thought little of by the dwarves (including their pompous leader, Thorin) and ridiculed as a valued member of their group. Eventually, Bilbo proves his worth, saving the dwarves and helping in their quest.

The Hobbit was a success from the beginning, and so it wasn’t long before the publisher pushed for a sequel. Tolkien would eventually write The Lord of the Rings Trilogy which was extremely successful as well. Today, there are countless books, movies and other entertainment that can trace their origins to the influence of The Hobbit.

The Hobbit Films

For those of you who have been living in a cave, The Hobbit will be turned into three films directed by Peter Jackson. The first movie (An Unexpected Journey), will open at the end of 2012. The other films, The Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again will be released a year apart in 2013 and 2014. These three films will, of course, be a prequel to The Lord of the Rings films that were already produced by Peter Jackson which came out between 2001 and 2003.

Hobbit Themed Birthday Party

To prepare your little hobbit and friends for their journey into Wilderland, plan a fun-filled and most unexpected party – just like Bilbo had before he traveled over the Misty Mountains to battle the fierce orcs, spiders and mighty dragon Smaug!

Here are some great ways to send the birthday child and your guests to the fantastic, magical world of the hobbit!

Take an Epic Hobbit Like Journey with These Activities

For a most unexpected party, plan exciting activities that transport your young guests straight to the land of Bilbo Baggins. Here are a couple of ideas for great hobbit-themed fun:

Find the Ring: Organize a “Button-Button-who’s got the Button” style game in which guests form a circle with their hands held behind their backs and facing the birthday child in the center of the circle. The Ringmaster walks around the outside of the circle, tapping each guest’s hands (you or a party organizer can start it out as the first Ringmaster). Secretly transfer a couple of toy rings into a few of the children’s hands. When the Ringmaster has gone around the circle and tapped each child’s hands, the Ringmaster goes into the center and chants “Ring, Ring, who’s got the ring?” Randomly choose a child and let the child guess who may have the ring. If the guess is wrong, move to the child on the left and proceed until you get a correct guess. The first child to guess correctly gets to be Ring Master. Give everyone a ring candy lollipop at the end.

Wilderland Treasure Hunt: For a hobbit-themed backyard party, create a treasure hunt through Wilderland. Divide guests into small teams and write clues on a “scroll” so children can race around the yard, locating small hobbit-themed treasures. Give dwarf jewels for prizes at the end.

Hobbit Approved Foods

Hobbits love to eat! Choose “elvenses”- approved snacks with a hobbit theme. The good thing is since hobbits love sweets, you have lots of options. Try poppy-seed cakes or individual muffins on plates and cups decorated with hobbit motifs. Tuck candies and goodies in little burlap bags – just like Bilbo and the dwarves used on their journey. Tie the burlap with a cute silver thread like guests might find in Rivendell. Create a cake in the shape of Lonely Mountain, with hobbit-themed cake toppers.

Rivendell Inspired Decoration Ideas

Think Rivendell and the elves for a truly magical hobbit-themed table. Decorate the table with silver and blue balloons and fairy dust made from silver or multi-colored glitter. Use blue and silver napkins and choose clear plastic “goblets” for lime flavored elven punch.