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Hugglemonster Party Supplies, Henry Hugglemonster Party Decorations

Henry Hugglemonster party supplies are a fun way to liven up your little guy or girl’s next birthday party! Hugglemonster party decorations, little monster party favors, colorful tableware and more will dress up your next gathering in Roarsville style. Invite Henry and the entire monster gang to your celebration with the wonderful addition of our fun and adorable Henry Hugglemonster party supplies!

Welcome to Roarsville!

Henry Hugglemonster is everyone’s favorite, fun-loving monster from the town of Roarsville. Henry lives with his loving family. Even though things can get chaotic from time to time, everyone is friendly and gets along in the end. In his family, he’s got his loving Momma, Daddo, his older brother Cobby, his baby brother Ivor and his older sister Summer.

In most episodes of Henry Hugglemonster, Henry is faced with a problem or must overcome a challenge. So, Henry must use his abilities to problem solve and/or overcome the challenges he finds in his day to day activities. Along the way, each episode features a catchy song or two. Henry Hugglemonster premiered on April 15, 2013 and remains a popular children’s show today.

Who Can You Find in Roarsville?

Henry Hugglemonster has a wonderful variety of characters that make the show a popular one for children. Of course, there’s Henry and his family, but how many other characters can you name? We’ve listed a number of them below.

  • Noah “Grampa” Hugglemonster – Henry’s step-dad and Henry’s step-granddad.

  • Vera “Naha-Oh” McScream – Henry’s grandmother.

  • Beckett – Henry and his family’s pet monster dog.

  • The Dugglemonster family – Denzel Dugglemonster is Henry’s best friend. He lives with his father (Harold), mother (Maude), grandpa (Grammo) and Gurgler (the Dugglemonster’s pet monster dog).

  • The Growlerstein family – Gertie Growlerstein is Henry’s smartest friend who lives with her family. Her family includes her little brother Milo, her parents Gregor and Joyce and her pet monster bird, Sneezo.

  • Roberto and Oscar Munderclaw – Henry’s friends.

  • Singor Roatonio – Singor is the owner of a restaurant in Roarsville.

  • Meg Munderclaw – Meg is another of Henry’s friends who also happens to be best friends with Summer and Gertie. Matilde Munderclaw – Matilde is the mother of Meg, Roberto and Oscar.

These are only some of the fun characters that can be found on the delightful Henry Hugglemonster.

Have a Wonderful Henry Hugglemonster Birthday Party!

If your little one loves Henry Hugglemonster, what better way to celebrate their birthday than with a Hugglemonster themed birthday party? Our wonderful selection of colorful tableware, Hugglemonster party favors, exciting birthday decorations and more will help turn your ordinary celebration into the charming town of Roarsville. Make your get-together a little more fun with the help of all our adorable Henry Hugglemonster party supplies!