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Helicopter Party Supplies, Helicopter Party Favors

Helicopter party supplies are an exhilarating theme to help decorate your birthday party, family night or other fun get-together. These military styled choppers are a great way to show your respect for the armed forces while decorating your party tables in army fashion. Helicopters in flight adorn these powerful plates, cups, napkins, decorations and other army themed birthday party items. You and your guests will love the military colors and fantastic vehicles found on these awesome helicopter birthday party supplies!

Helicopter Party Ideas

Let your imaginations take flight with a helicopter party. Whether you are hosting to future pilots or people who admire the vehicle itself, these tips will ensure that everyone has a good time and their excitement will soar.


Helicopter Cupcakes: Elevate cupcakes to the next level by having some helicopter cupcakes for your guests. You can be as creative as you want, topping the cupcake with a plastic toy or just making a propeller out of icing. Be sure to color-code the cupcakes so that there are different flavors and types that everyone can enjoy.

Sky Punch: Take to the skies with a fun twist on punch. To do this, simply put some sky blue punch into a large bowl. Add some dry ice to create a cloudy effect in the punch, making it look like the bright blue sky. You can mix in some lemon-lime soda if you want a carbonated alternative, but either way is great for young pilots.


Helicopter Hat: If you don’t have a lot of people at your army themed birthday party, you might think about making some helicopter hats. Just get some hats and run a thin plastic line through the top of it. Make a propeller and attach it to the plastic line before decorating it. Kids will love the fact that the propeller moves when they do, and it’s sure to be a hit with everyone.

Paper Helicopters: Let everyone see how easy it is to make a paper helicopter with this activity. You can easily find a blueprint for a paper helicopter online, so just print it out and cut and fold accordingly. Attach a paper clip at the end of the device so that the weight will help the blades spin. After the helicopter is complete, go to a high location (like a stairwell) and drop it to see the helicopter fly.

Piñata: If you want to really have fun at a party, you need to have a piñata. You can purchase a helicopter-shaped piñata, but they can easily be made with some paper Mache as well. Fill the piñata up with some candy and figure out who the lucky person will be to break it open. Be sure to include some toys as well as candy so everyone can enjoy the prizes that pour out!

Every pilot needs to have the right gear to take flight, and so does your party. Don’t take flight too early, make sure that your party is geared up and ready to go for a successful takeoff!