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Harry Potter Party Supplies, Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter party supplies are a fantastic way to enhance your Harry Potter birthday party. If you’ve got a Harry Potter fan or Harry Potter fans in your house (or, if you’re the one who’s the fan), they’ll love these cool Harry Potter cups, plates, napkins and other thrilling tableware. Also, our wonderful selection of colorful Harry Potter decorations, balloons, cake kits, and favors will cast a spell (get it?) over all your party guests. Our Harry Potter party supplies aren’t just for birthdays either. They’re great for movie nights, family get-togethers, book parties and celebrations of many kinds.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

You may need to brush up on your spell books, but there’s no shortage of magic and mayhem at a Harry Potter birthday party. Check out these fun and zany ideas for the ultimate Harry Potter adventure!


Wingardium Leviosa – This was one of the first spells Harry, Hermione and Ron had to master and you can create your own Charms workshop in your living room. Attach wire to plastic rods, and add a magnet to the end of the wire. Scatter plastic (or real) feathers on your floor (the bigger, the better), with their own magnet attached. Then arrange a hoop at one end of your room, and have your little wizards try their best “Wingardium Leviosa” by grabbing the feather and tossing it through the hoop.

Human Chess Set – Ron is a Wizard Chess master, and you can create a life-size chessboard by cutting out black and white squares from oaktag paper and putting it into the living room. Kids can then play a version of checkers and try their best strategies. It’s best for older kids to try out their skills!

Bubbling Potions Class – Create your own potions class without the fear of Severus Snape! Fill a tumbler halfway with water and add red food coloring. Stir, and then add vegetable oil until the glass is almost full. Add kosher salt to make the oil bubble – when it slows down, add more. Your wizards can also try their hand at their own potion.

Hagrid’s Class – Divide your party into at least two “houses” for their Care of Magical Creatures Class. Then scatter gold “galleons” or chocolate gold coins and twigs around your yard. The two Houses then have to find the Bowtruckles (twigs) and the galleons left over from the Nifflers. Make it a relay with one child going at a time to fetch a Bowtruckle or Galleon and then add it to the house basket, and the fastest House wins!


Treacle Tarts – It’s no secret that Treacle Tart is Harry’s favorite dessert. Make your own treacle tart by purchasing pie crust at the store and serving with vanilla ice cream. It’s an easy pie to make – just make sure you have lemon, black treacle and eggs!

Chocolate Frogs – These are some of the best selling candies from Honeydukes and you can make your own! Get a chocolate mold in the shape of a frog from your local craft store or online. Then the sky’s the limit – you can create milk chocolate frogs, dark chocolate frogs, white chocolate frogs, with raspberry, with peanut butter… whatever magical mix you want! Wrap them in mini bags with little print out photos of Harry Potter characters to be just like the real chocolate frogs!

Hogwarts Best – A special occasion at Hogwarts was always celebrated with quite the feast. You can make your own version of the feast by serving fried chicken bites, baked potato fries, hamburger sliders, veggie bites and other appetizers made for devouring.

Magical Fizzy Drinks – Butterbeer isn’t a favorite among most Muggles, but you can serve a magical punch to your guests. Serve red fruit punch and add Pop Rocks crackly candies into each cup. When the kids take a sip, they will have tiny explosions in their mouth – it’s just like magic!