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Happy Feet Birthday Party Ideas

Invite all your friends over for an Antarctic adventure with a Happy Feet birthday bash. A Happy Feet birthday party is easy to plan since the Disney movie has provided so many options and ideas. Check out these great ideas for fun birthday party activities and snacks that all kids will enjoy.


Seal Escape Relay – Line up all your little penguins onto one side of the room. Use blue painters tape to make two lines on either side of the room, designating the “ice bergs” and the middle area as the ocean. The birthday kid is picked as a seal and must float around the “ocean.” Then when he/she yells “Cross!” the penguins must cross to the other ice berg for safety. If caught by the seal, they join the seals.

Penguin Bowling – Paint or glue paper onto bowling pins with black and white to look like penguins. Line them up and have kids roll a colorful ball to see how many penguins they can knock over.

Ice Fishing – Place a white sheet over two chairs to make a screen or “ice berg.” Attach magnets to toys and prizes and then add them on the other side behind the ice berg sheet. Make a fishing rod with a plastic rod with a magnet attached to one end. Kids go ice fishing and try to capture a prize on the other side.

Happy Feet Dance Party – Play a bunch of fun Disney tunes and have the kids play a game of dancing statues. For a fun bonus, make them dance like Mumble and the other waddling penguins. When the music stops, the kids have to freeze! Those who don’t freeze can take a break in the party igloo and get a Happy Feet temporary tattoo done on their arm or hand.


Igloo Ice Cream – It’s not Antarctica without some ice cream! Serve ice cream sundaes; add marshmallows and fudge to keep with the black and white penguin theme. And don’t forget the cherries!

Happy Feet Shakes – Make fun milkshakes with milk, oreo or chocolate cookies and cola soda. Add vanilla ice cream for extra cream.

South Pole Jiggly Jell-O – Make blue Jell-O into small, individual mounds. Before it’s completely set, add gummy worms and then refrigerate longer. Top with shredded coconut for snow.

Olive Penguins – Serve a fun veggie treat that no one will believe is edible! Use big olives for the body and smaller black olives for the head. Cut out a slice from each. Fill the body with cream cheese for the white feathers. Add slices of carrots for the feet and a carrot stick for the beak. Voila! Mini penguin crudités!