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Handy Manny Party Supplies, Handy Manny Birthday Party

Handy Manny party supplies are a cute way to help decorate your Handy Manny birthday party! If you’ve got a little one (or little ones) who love Manny, you’ll love our colorful and exciting Handy Manny cups, plates, napkins and other tableware. And, don’t forget our wonderful selection of Handy Manny favors, decorations, balloons, cake decoration supplies and other Handy Manny birthday supplies. Whatever your occasion, whether celebrating a birthday or simply a Handy Manny themed family night, you and your guests will love all of these fabulous Handy Manny party supplies!

Handy Manny Trivia and Fun Facts

Handy Manny trivia can go along with your other Handy Manny Party Supplies to create a fun party atmosphere. Use the Hanny Manny birthday supplies for eating, decorating, etc. and use the trivia to create fun activities for your partygoers. Incorporate Handy Manny trivia into party games and/or other activities and your guests will love it. Below are some examples of trivia you can use.

What year did Handy Manny first air on television?

Handy Manny first aired in 2006 on Playhouse Disney.

Who voices the character of Handy Manny?

Actor, Wilmer Valderrama

Who owns the candy store and what type of pet does he own?

Mr. Lopart (Leonard Lopart) owns the candy store and a cat named “Fluffy”

What is the name of the bakery frequently seen on Handy Manny?

The name of the bakery is Mrs. Portillo’s Bakery

What is the name of the Smoothie Shop?

Oscar’s House of 18 Smoothies

What is the oldest product sold in Kelly’s Hardware Store?

A 100 year old valve.

Handy Manny party supplies are a lot of fun, and so is Handy Manny trivia. Combine the quick questions we’ve written above with your own to test your guests. Or, divide everyone into teams and reward the winners. Whatever you do, have fun with it at your Handy Manny themed event.