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Halo party supplies and Halo party favors are a great way to bring the world of Master Chief, Cortana and the other exciting characters of Halo home to your celebration. Whether you’re expecting a simple Halo get-together for Halo fans, or a full-fledged Halo birthday party, our Halo Reach party supplies will enhance everyone’s experience. Create the perfect Halo birthday party atmosphere with the help of our fantastic Halo party supplies!

Halo Party Trivia Fun!

One inexpensive way to add some fun and/or decoration to your next Halo themed party is to include some Halo trivia. You can use Halo trivia as decoration simply by writing questions and their answers on colorful construction paper here and there throughout the Halo birthday party. Or, you can use Halo trivia questions as part of an activity or contest for your guests. This can mean anything from asking questions and awarding the guest with the most answers, to creating trivia teams, and/or to combining trivia with a mini-scavenger hunt.

Use your imagination and don’t go overboard with too many complications. A halo trivia party game can be a fun and welcome distraction for your party goers. Below are a few Halo trivia questions and answers to get your Halo birthday party started in the right direction.

What is the name of the ancient intellectual race that first fought and contained the Flood?

The ancient race that first battled the Flood is known as the Forerunners

What does U.N.S.C. stand for?

U.N.S.C. stands for the United Nations Space Command

What is the name of the frigate that the Chief and Arbiter escape on after stopping Guilty Spark and activating the self-destruct mechanism of one of the rings?

The Chief and Arbiter escape on the frigate named Forward Unto Dawn.

What causes everyone to think that the Chief has perished in the escape?

It is believed that the Chief has died when the portal they were traveling through in the Forward Unto Dawn collapses and splits the frigate in half, leaving the Chief behind.

What is the name of the hostile Forerunner warrior in search of the device known as the Composer?

The antagonistic Forerunner warrior is known as the Didact.

Have Fun With Your Halo Birthday Party or Other Halo Occasion!

Whether you use Halo trivia to create a fun activity, or come up with your own games, relax and have a great time with it. Plan ahead to make sure you aren’t rushing around at the last minute. And, most importantly, don’t forget to add some items from our wonderful selection of fantastic Halo party supplies!