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Party Games

Power up your party with these Green Lantern party ideas. Join Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps with the ultimate Green Lantern party.

Caped crusaders: Make sure all of your guests can power up and become members of the Green Lantern Corps by making personalized masks and capes using paper, paint and green, cotton fabric. It’s best to sew the fabric together first and then have the kids paint onto the cape at the party. Make sure you have plastic Green Lantern rings on hand to finish off the costume.

Recharge Relay: Green Lanterns must always recharge their rings. Divide guests into two teams and designate two chairs as the power batteries. Have each team member run to a spot on the other side of the room and back, then tagging the next member in the relay. First team who finishes and powers up first wins.

Villain Attack: Get together mini bean bags and stand up 1 or 2-liter soda bottles with different cutouts of supervillains like Sinestro, Parallax and other alien warlords. Partygoers can then throw the bags and try to knock over each villain.

Tug of War: Get all your little Green Lantern superheroes together in the ultimate Tug of War. Switch off teams so everyone gets a chance to be on a winning team.

Party Food

Individual Green Popcorn Snacks: Pop regular popcorn bags, then add 1-3 drops of green food coloring and mix thoroughly. Add more coloring if desired. Then, paste the Green Lantern logo onto white paper bags and fill each with popcorn for each guest.

Green Lantern Cakes: Make vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, adding green food coloring to the icing to make a sweet, green treat.

Green Lantern Pizza: Make your own pizza at home, but skip the tomato sauce and make a white pizza with extra cheese. Add spinach and basil onto the pizza in the shape of the Green Lantern logo.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies: Make regular sugar cookies but add a teaspoon of mint extract, 6 drops of green food coloring, 1 cup of chocolate chips and 1 cup of mint baking chips for a fun and fresh twist (with a hint of green).