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Good Dinosaur Party Supplies, Good Dinosaur Birthday Party

The Good Dinosaur party supplies have finally arrived! Create the perfect paleontologic party for your little one with the addition of our super-charming Good Dinosaur themed tableware, awesome decorations, Good Dinosaur favors, and much, much more. Journey to a world unlike any other where our history is drastically different with the help of all our wonderful Good Dinosaur party supplies!

Very little about the story of The Good Dinosaur has been released. What we do know at this time is that it is based on the premise that the dinosaurs never went extinct. It is presumed from a released image showing a silhouette of a dinosaur with a silhouette of a human that The Good Dinosaur will have humans and dinosaurs living in the same environment. Stay tuned for future updates as they become available.

The Good Dinosaur Update

The Good Dinosaur will now open on November 25, 2015 (not May 30, 2014). Peter Sohn has taken over as director for Bob Peterson (who came up with the story), but the general plot and storylines will remain essentially the same. The Good Dinosaur will star “Arlo” (voiced by Lucas Neff) as a 70-foot teenage Apatosaurus set in a world where the dinosaurs never died out. The good-hearted Arlo must restore peace after a traumatic event causes trouble in his community. Along the way, Arlo will gain an unlikely human companion, a boy named “Spot”.

Have a Charming and Fun Good Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Enjoy The Good Dinosaur movie in November, then help celebrate your little one’s big day with an adorably-themed Good Dinosaur birthday party! Hand out dinosaur party favors, serve cake on Good Dinosaur tableware and hang some Good Dinosaur decorations for fun. Have a wonderful time and celebrate the day with the help of our fantastic Good Dinosaur party supplies!