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GI Joe Party Supplies, GI Joe Birthday Party

GI Joe party supplies are a thrilling way to liven up your next birthday party! Test your battle readiness and military training when you add these thrilling GI Joe decorations, favors, cake supplies, tableware and other party products to your get-together. GI Joe is leaping into your party to save the day with the help of these fantastic GI Joe party supplies!

GI Joe’s Two Different Lines

GI Joe has been around in a variety of sizes and styles since the 1960’s. First, there was the 12-inch tall line that was more realistic in appearance. Later, GI Joe would come out in a smaller, more action –figure height of 3 ¾”. The shorter line introduced a number of military vehicles for GI Joe and his fellow soldiers to use.

GI Joe Fast Trivia

Here’s some fast GI Joe trivia that you can have fun with at your GI Joe birthday party or other celebration. Use or trivia or create your own, and make a party game out of it. Or, simply write the questions and answers around your party for both kids and adults to enjoy. So, let’s get started.

What word was strictly avoided in the marketing of GI Joe?

Doll. Hasbro intentionally avoided this word and instead used words like “action figure”. In fact, when GI Joe was introduced, every box contained the words “America’s moveable fighting man”.

What year was GI Joe relaunched in the 3.75 inch size?


What 1940’s comic strip did GI Joe originate from?

Private Breger

What organization is GI Joe trying to stop?


There are certainly other trivia questions and answers you can come up with on your own. The important thing is to have fun with it. And, that goes for your entire celebration as well. Have fun with your party, decorate it with our GI Joe party supplies, and you and your guests will have a great time!