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Invite all your fruit slashing friends over for a great time with the addition of our fantastic Fruit Ninja party supplies! Avoid any party bombs and enjoy your own Fruit Ninja combo when you mix in our colorful tableware, fruit-style decorations, Fruit Ninja party favors and other fun Fruit Ninja favorites! Make your Fruit Ninjas fans happy as a peach and let them go a little bananas with the help of all of our wonderful Fruit Ninja party supplies!

Fruit Ninja Trivia Fun

A quick, inexpensive and easy Fruit Ninja party activity and/or party decoration is a bit of Fruit Ninja trivia. Trivia questions can be written on the backs of party plates, colorful construction paper or elsewhere and hung up or used to decorate your party tables. Party guests can take turns testing each other, or the trivia questions (or fun facts) can simply be presented as a fun and interesting extension of the party. You can even put together the trivia as an exciting contest with themed Fruit Ninja prizes if you want to go all out. Whatever you do, make it light-hearted and fun and your guests should have a good time with it. Below are some quick examples of Fruit Ninja trivia to get you started at your gathering.

When was Fruit Ninja first released?

It was released on April 21, 2010 for the iPhone and iPod touch.

What game mode removes all of the bombs from gameplay and is named after a school of Mahayana Buddhism?

The Zen mode game mode has none of those awful bombs.

The feature Gutsu’s Cart stars two characters, a person named Gutsu and a pig named what?

The pig in Gutsu’s Cart is named “Truffles”

What company developed the Fruit Ninja game, and where are they located?

Halfbrick Studios developed Fruit Ninja. They are located in Brisbane, Australia.

Have a Wonderful Time at Your Fruit Ninja Party!

Remember, Fruit Ninja party supplies are a great way to get your Fruit Ninja party theme started in the right direction. A colorful table setting, a variety of Fruit Ninja decorations, and some exciting Fruit Ninja party favors to giveaway to your guests will go a long way to setting up your party for success. Have a great time at your Fruit Ninja party themed celebration with the help of all of our fantastic Fruit Ninja party supplies!