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Frog Party Supplies, Frog Birthday Parties

Frog party supplies are a great way to bring out the frog lovers at your next party! Your guests will love these awesomely realistic frogs colored with vibrant colors that appear on our fantastic cups, plates, napkins, favors and other fun party items. If you’ve got someone who loves frogs, they will be thrilled to see these fabulous frog party supplies at their next birthday or other special occasion.

Frog Legs are Cool!

Frogs are known for their legs (among other things of course). I suppose you could say that a frog’s tongue is equally important, but we’re not here to debate a frog’s body parts. Let’s just agree that a tongue is important and move on to the legs. The legs are what gives the frog their great leaping ability. They’re what some people like to eat in restaurants.

Most frogs, especially if they live in a heavily watered environment, will have webbed toes. If the frog is a completely water-driven one, it will have fully webbed toes. Frogs that live mostly in trees (or arboreal frogs) will have less webbing.

Aboreal frogs have a pretty cool system in their toes that helps them climb and stick to surfaces. On the ends of their toes, they have a kind of “toe pad” that helps with gripping. These pads have sections of connected cells with small gaps between them. When the frog pushes these connected cells towards each other to fill the gap, this creates a holding action. This process doesn’t involve any suction.

The best thing a frog’s legs are probably known for is their jumping ability. Some frog species jump better than others, but amongst the same species of frogs, the bigger frogs will be able to jump farther. Some frogs (due to their small size) can “walk” across the water by initiating a series of jumps from the surface of the water.

Frogs can jump great distances because their tibia, fibula and tarsals have all been fused into a single, strong bone. The frog’s elongated metatarsals makes their legs longer and gives them more push. For more power, some frogs have a long ilium that forms a joint with the sacrum and acts as an additional limb that increases jumping distance. Interestingly the forelimbs are also built for leaping and are able to absorb the impact of the jump in an efficient manner.

So You Like Frogs?

If you or someone special in your life likes frogs, you’re going to love decorating your party or get-together with our fabulous frog party supplies. Make your birthday, family function or other special occasion a success with the help of these fabulous frog party items!