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Emoji Party Supplies, Emoji Birthday Party

Emoji party supplies can be a fantastic way to celebrate an event for a teenager or a fan of modern technology! "Emoji" is a general term for icons used to express emotion in social media. Most teenagers with a phone use and love them, so if you're unsure what to do for your teen, try our Emoji-themed tableware, favors and decorations for a unique spin on their next celebration!

The History of the Emoji

The emoji started appearing with the Apple iPhone, and gained further popularity with Android's interpretation of the icons. Color emojis were introduced with the Windows 8.1 operating system.
The word "emoji" is Japanese and translates to "pictograph". Strangely, there is no direct correlation between the word "emoticon" and the word "emotion". Weird!

What Qualifies as an Emoji?

Emojis are actually any type of symbol you see on places like your phone, websites, social media and other places. They can be anything from a lion head to a pointing finger to a smiling face. There are even things such as numbers, symbols, houses, flags and all kinds of other expressive shapes.
Occassionally you'll come across a meme on social media where teens are speaking almost exclusively in emojis, and somehow others can understand and interpret the message. Me personally...I prefer English!

Other Emoji Party Ideas

Tableware isn't the only big Emoji party item out there! You'll find everything from pillows to clothing to jewelry with a quick internet search. So if you're planning an emoji party for your child or someone else, make it super-expressive with the help of our cool Emoji party supplies!