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Dragon Party Supplies, Dragon Party Decorations

Dragon party supplies are a cool way to bring a little fantasy and adventure to your big day. Dragons have appeared in too many books to mention both for young and old. Dragons have also appeared in numerous movies from the light-hearted Shrek (Diane) to the more serious Dragonheart (Draco). They have a special place in many different fantasy epics and from many different genres. What am I trying to say? Basically, dragons are pretty cool and a lot of fun. Have even more fun decorating your next birthday party or other special occasion in dragon style with the help of our wonderful dragon party supplies!

Dragon Food, Activities, and Fun to Go Along With the Dragon Party Supplies

Kids are always fascinated and very awed by dragons and their world. So what better time to make this world alive than a birthday? If your child loves everything that has to do with dragons, then surprise him by throwing a dragon birthday party this year. Before I start telling you about everything that you need to incorporate in your dragon themed party, you need to decide which kind of dragon you are going to go for. For example is your child more into the serious and frightening type of dragon who kidnaps the princess or does he like colorful dragons?

The making of the world

Visit your nearest toy store: Because kids love this theme, more and more toy stores have a variety of dragon items that you can buy. Many dragon themed things are available; some of them are paper lanterns, dragon banners, dragon costumes and so much more. Remember which ever dragon you decide to follow, you need to have a color scheme and should work according to that.

The throne: If you want something unique in the birthday party, and if you want your child to be on the top of the world, make sure you have a throne where he/she can sit. All you have to do to accomplish this is to drape a big arm chair with maroon colored rich velvet. Make sure the birthday boy/girl has a crown as well!

Medieval Activities

The awesome treasure hunt: If the children that you have invited are able to walk and run, then you can have a treasure hunt. Provide each of the children with his/her treasure map and let them run around to find their treasures which would consists of things like jewels, stuffed animals and sweet treats. Remember not to make it too easy or the children are going complete the treasure hunt too fast.

Cardboard dragons: For this task, you simply need to have cardboard dragons that are cut out of egg cartons along with some paint and glitter. Ask the kids to create which ever dragon they like from their imagination.

Dragon Food

Dragon eggs: Spaghettis and macaronis are the ultimate favorite of kids of every age. For the spaghettis, have some meatball eggs on a nest of noodles and let the kids dig in. Do the same with the macaroni.

Dragon Nuggets: You will find that there are a variety of dragon shapes that nuggets come in these days, so either buy these for your birthday bash or cut out some shapes yourself.