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Doctor Party Supplies, Doctor Party Decorations

Our charming doctor party supplies will create a wonderfully cute medical themed setting for your next birthday party, family night or other celebration. These fun and colorful doctor decorations, plates, cups and other themed items will dress up your party tables and elslewhere in doctor style. Whether your special one dreams of being a doctor someday or simply likes stethoscopes and scrubs, they’ll love our fantastic doctor party supplies!

Doctor Birthday Party and Party Ideas

The doctor is in with this fun and festive party. Treat all of your patient’s needs with this party that is sure to please and entertain everyone!

Doctor Inspired Food Ideas

Red Cross Cookies: The Red Cross is one of the most important organizations for doctors, and what better way to support them than with cookies? Cut the cookies into cross shapes, and then bake them for a sweet treat everybody can enjoy. You can even go an extra step and use Food coloring to make them red in color as well. Every future doctor will enjoy the snacks, and it’s bound to keep them coming back for more.

Giant Chewy Vitamins: If you are looking for a more healthy approach, you can offer your guests giant “chewy” vitamins to eat. You can make these out of Jell-O and use different molds for the shapes and types of vitamins. Don’t be afraid to try out new flavors and mix shapes, you can even build organs if you feel adventurous enough.

Fun Doctor Activities the Kids Will Love

Why am I sick? : Let everyone play doctor by trying to figure out what sickness they are supposed to have. Give each player a card with an illness on it, but don’t let them look at it. Have them tape the card to their forehead and then talk with other guests to try to figure out what they have. They can ask questions and try to figure out what their illness is, and the difficulty can be scaled to the level of your guests.

Give the Doctor his Stethoscope: Put a little twist on “pin the tail on the donkey” by giving a doctor his crucial stethoscope back. Take an image of a doctor (either cartoon or real) and create a stethoscope that must be placed on him. Blindfold your participants and give them a few quick spins to see who is the closest to giving the doctor his tools back.

X-ray Puzzles: The human skeleton is one of the most important things to know as a doctor, so test your little doctors’ knowledge with a fun game. Make a skeleton out of paper and see who can put the bones back together to create a full skeleton. You can scale this puzzle to the age of your guests, so everyone can enjoy it.

Being a doctor can be fun and entertaining, but only if the right medical party supplies are purchased. Make sure that your party is a hit with the best doctor party supplies available.

Doctor Party Supplies, Doctor Party Decorations

Doctor party supplies are a great way to decorate a birthday party for your future doctor! Doctor’s vests, colorful tableware, fun doctor themed party favors and other doctor decorations are the perfect additions to your medical styled gathering. Celebrate science and the medical profession at your next birthday party with the help of our wonderful doctor party supplies!