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Disney Planes Party Supplies, Disney Planes Party Decorations

Disney Planes party supplies take the fun of Disney Cars and send it to new heights! Let your birthday party speed down the runway and take off on a flight of fun with these wonderful Planes plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers, decorations, party favors and more. Make Disney Planes an exciting part of your celebration with the addition of these charming and fantastic Disney Planes party supplies!

Disney Planes Birthday Party Ideas

Does your child love airplanes and Disney? Perfect! Little fans of the movie “Planes” will have a blast at an airplane-themed party full of fun. Give your child a day that she or he and their friends will never forget with unique snacks and activities that will fuel their imagination to soar to new heights. Bring home Dusty Crop Hopper, Skipper, Chug, El Chupacabra, and Ripslinger and have a soaring good time.

Keep All Those Little Guests Flying With These Disney Planes Food Ideas

Plane Sandwiches and Cookies: Use cookie cutters that are airplane-shaped to create cool sandwiches that your little Planes fans will enjoy. They will most likely play with their food before finally munching on the delicious treats.

Plane Cookies: You can cut out plane shapes from a variety of delicious cookie batches. Place these into small bags with a sticker of a Planes character on the front for each guest to take home later.

Disney Planes Cake: A cake decorated with one or more of the Disney Planes characters will certainly be a hit. Ask your child who their favorite Planes character is and then surprise them with that character on the cake on their special day.

Flight Snacks: Fill trays with small bags of snack food you would normally get on a flight, such as pretzels, mini cookies, peanuts, and crackers. The kids will love the theme and they can refuel between games.

Your Disney Planes Birthday Party Will Soar High With These Engaging Planes Activities

Paper Airplanes: Take this classic activity of making paper planes to another level by giving the kids stickers, markers, and crayons so that they can decorate their dream plane. Then, have a contest to see which one flies the farthest.

Planes Charades: Gather everyone around for a fun game of charades centered on the characters from the Planes movie. Lots of laughter and fun will result from this game and it is sure to fuel their creativity.

Planes Coloring: Print off some Planes sheets to be colored in with crayons or pencil crayons. Kids will have a blast coloring in characters from one of their favorite movies.

Planes Trivia: How well does everyone know the cast from Planes? It is time to put everyone’s knowledge to the test with a game of Planes trivia. Hold up pictures or cards of the different characters and ask a set of true or false questions for each. Everyone will be happy to prove how well they really do know their characters – and if they are all wrong, they can learn something new for the day.

Disney Planes Party Supplies are Flying Your Way!

Disney Planes party supplies are great for birthday parties, movie nights and other get-togethers. Your little ones will love celebrating with our colorful Planes decorations, Planes favors, and Disney Planes cake decorations. Have a blast and soar into the clouds at your next celebration with these wonderful Disney Planes party supplies!