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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

For a RAWRing good time, a Dinosaur birthday party is a fantastic choice. There are a lot of ideas to choose from, ranging from classic dinosaur tales to Jurassic Park-esq adventures. Check out some of these ideas that will knock your socks off!


Dinosaur Hunt – Using washable paint and some glitter for extra fun, cut out a sponge into the shape of a dinosaur print and put them around your house (if you prefer, you can use paper for less clean up). The kids have to follow the prints to find the dinosaur treasure! You can then place plastic eggs filled with candy into nest for the treasure – have fun with it and put prints all over the house and walls to make it a bit more silly and fun.

Dino Excavation – Fill a plastic pool with sand or simply use a sand box and fill it with dino bones and “fossils.” You can use plastic bones or real, cleaned chicken bones for added effect. Have the kids dig up all of their dinosaur finds.

Make Your Own Fossils – Have the kids gather around a craft table and give them each playdough (or make your own dough ahead of time for better results). Then have them imprint twigs, shells and leaves into the dough to make their own fossils. Perhaps top off the activity by reading a fun book about dinosaur fossils.

Egg Hunt and Bash – First, hide plastic eggs around the house, each with a piece of paper with a number. Once the kids find one egg each, they all gather together and open the eggs. The child with the #1 (or you can leave out #1 and just have the birthday child go first) gets to go first to try their hand at the piñata. After one try, the child with #2 goes and so on until the piñata is broken.


Volcano Cake – Make 4-6 round cakes and stack them on top of each other, descending in size to make the volcano shape. Cut out a hole at the top and crumble up some extra cake to sprinkle down the layers and around the base for a “dirt” effect. Then add vanilla pudding colored orange and pour it into the hole on top and dribble it down the side. Add extra chocolate icing to ooze down the sides.

Dino Bites – Cut out mini sandwiches with a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter. The sandwiches can be peanut butter and jelly, cheese and ham or other simple combinations.

Herbivores and Carnivores – Serve snacks for every type of dino! You can serve buffalo chicken wings for the meat-eaters and carrot or celery sticks with ranch dressing for the veggie lovers.

Fossil Cookies – Bake sugar cookies, but before the cookies are completely done, press in plastic dinosaur toys into the batter to make dinosaur fossils. These are a great hit for a dinosaur birthday snack. You can also make these to take home in the goody bag.