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Digging for Dinosaurs Party Supplies

Your aspiring archeologist will love these wonderful Digging for Dinosaur Party Supplies! Whether celebrating a birthday, family night or some other celebration, your dinosaur fan will love these party items. Our cups, napkins, favors, decorations and other fabulous party items will make your party guests roar with excitement for these amazing Digging for Dinosaur Party Supplies.

The History of Dinosaur Fossils and Their Discovery

Dinosaur fossils have been around throughout mankind’s history. In ancient China and Asia, dinosaur bones were thought to be dragon bones. In Europe, most thought dinosaur bones were the bones of giants.

Robert Plot was the first known person to study dinosaur bones. In 1676, a dinosaur bone of a Megalosaurus was discovered in a quarry and sent to Plot to study at the University of Oxford. Plot would publish his findings in his Natural History of Oxfordshire in 1677. Among his findings, he correctly identified the bone as part of the femur, and from a creature without known existence. However, he did not recognize it as from a dinosaur (as no one had come up with the idea of dinosaurs yet), and instead thought it to be from a giant human.

The Reverand William Buckland, a professor at Oxford University, collected and studied dinosaur fossils from 1815 to 1824. He described the dinosaur in a scientific journal and is recognized as the first to do so. Shortly thereafter, the second genus of dinosaurs (Iguanodon) was discovered in 1822 by Mary Ann Mantell. The study of these dinosaur fossils soon became popular in the scientific community, and it was not long before English paleontologist Richard Owen coined the term “dinosaur”.

The study of dinosaurs became competitive as the search for new species and new skeletons extended to every continent. Today, the excavation of dinosaur bones is still fascinating to many and broadens our knowledge of our history. Enjoy the thrill of dinosaur excavation at your next celebration with the help of our colorful and interesting Digging for Dinosaurs party supplies.