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Despicable Me Party Supplies, Despicable Me Cake Decorations

Despicable Me party supplies are a great way to help celebrate your birthday party, movie night or other get-together. Use your evil genius for good when you plan your party around this awesome Despicable Me theme. Treat your guests to a taste of your tasty party treats on our colorful tableware, decorate your room with wonderful Despicable Me decorations and create the perfect Despicable Me atmosphere with all of our other fantastic Despicable Me party supplies!

Despicable Me Trivia Fun!

We here at Discount Party Supplies always like a little trivia fun, and what better place for Despicable Me trivia than here on the Despicable Me party supplies page? Adding a bit of trivia to a celebration is an inexpensive way to create your own party games, or to simply get the conversation started. A fun thing you can do for added birthday decoration is to sprinkle some trivia questions and answers throughout your party on colored paper, tableware or other areas. Let your guests match the questions to the answers on your big day.

Of course, we wouldn’t mention Despicable Me trivia without giving you a few examples of our own, so below are some that you can use.

What was super-villain Gru’s childhood dream?

Gru’s dream was to become an astronaut (a dream that his mother discouraged)

What is the name of Gru’s older friend and guru of gadgets?

Dr. Nefario

What are the names of the three orphan girls that Gru adopts?

The three names of the girls that Gru adopts are Margo, Edith and Agnes.

What is the girls’ favorite activity?

The girls enjoy ballet dancing.

What famous actor will be the voice of Gru’s nemesis in Despicable Me 2?

Legendary actor Al Pacino will voice Gru’s nemesis in the upcoming movie.

What about The Minions? Will they be getting their own movie someday?

Yes, a feature film starring The Minions is set to appear in theatres at the end of 2014. As of yet, there isn’t a much further information on the project.

Have a wonderful time at your Despicable Me celebration! Watch the excitement on your little guests eyes when they see your party room decked out in Minion style! Whether you’re planning a themed birthday party, a fun dinner before heading out to the movies, or simply have a fondness for The Minions, these adorable Minions plates, Minions decorations and other Minions party supplies will add color and laughter to your Despicable Me event.