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Cow Party Supplies, Cow Party Decorations

Cow party supplies are a great way to get your special little one in the moooooood for a fantastic birthday party. Add our colorful cow decorations to your party s tting, decorate your party tables with our delightful cow tableware and pass out our charming cow party favors to your party guests. Your cow-themed birthday party will achieve that perfectly cute farm feel that you’re looking for on your big day. Make your bovine celebration a little more fun with the help of all our adorable cow party supplies!

Cow Party Activites, Food & Decorations

When you have a birthday party theme to go by, it makes things so much easier as it helps to connect everything together. If you don’t know which theme to follow, the best choice might be a cow-themed party. A cow-themed party is simple to prepare and easy to expand. Planning for a cow-themed party is easy! Below we have some ideas to help your party go smoothly.


  • Crazy with the Cows - In a cow-themed party, you simply can't have too much cow! Use stuffed or plastic cows often throughout the house to create an overkill cow atmosphere.
  • Spotted Balloons - Check out the spotted and cow-shaped balloons on our website. Spotted balloons are adorable and will really help fill out the cow setting.
  • Cow Chairs - Because cows live on farms, you can use stacks of hay either as decoration or as seats for the kids. For a cleaner alternative, simply use black and white fabric to cover the party chairs.


  • "Pin the Tail" with a Twist - When you're throwing a birthday party for a child, it is necessary to keep all the kids occupied with simple activities. Add a twist to the classic "Pin the Tail" game guessed it...a cow!
  • Clay Cows - For those who prefer not to play "Pin the Tail on the Cow", give them some clay so they create their own cow or any other farm animal.


  • Cow Food - Now, you can’t really feed your kids grass like cows eat, can you? A cow-themed alternative might be hamburgers and fries. You can even use chips and vegetables with dip if some of your guests are vegetarians.
  • Cow Cakes - Bake a normal rectangular cake, cool it off, frost the base with a white frosting and top it off with black spots! Use black frosting or chocolate chips for extra flavor.