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Your guests will shout, “Me Want Cookie!” when they see our charming cookie monster party supplies! Sesame Street is a children’s classic and Cookie Monster is certainly one of their most lovable characters. Our warm and welcoming Cookie Monster themed party favors, decorations, tableware and other fun birthday supplies will create an adorable party atmosphere and make your little party guests smile. Remember, “C is for Cookie” when you plan your Cookie Monster birthday party around our wonderful Cookie Monster party supplies.

Cookie Monster Birthday Party Ideas

Bring one of the most iconic Sesame Street characters into your home with a cookie monster party! Entertain your guests with a fun and entertaining party they will never forget!


Milk and Cookies: How could you possibly forget the cookie monster’s favorite snack? Give you guests a wide range of cookies to eat and milk to dunk it in to find the best combination for them. Be aware of the fact that there may be some people who can’t drink milk, so provide a substitute or alternative for them to enjoy in as well.

Veggies and Dip: Even though the cookie monster loves cookies, it’s not all he eats. On some occasions, he’s been known to eat vegetables as well. Be sure to teach kids the importance of moderation by having a healthy alternative for them to eat as well. Provide different dips so that your guests can find new favorites when it comes to healthy snacks. This is great for kids that don’t need to have as much sugar as well.


Make your Own Cookies: While any type of cookie is great, nothing beats having a freshly-baked one. Let kids decorate a cookie with candies and chocolates and bake everything in the oven at once. You can put several different cookies on one baking sheet, and kids will love to eat their new creations after it’s hot out of the oven and fresh for their enjoyment.

Guess the Cookie: See how well everyone knows their cookies by blindfolding them and letting them try out several different cookies. Separate the cookies and have the order ready so that everyone is eating the same cookies at the same time. Choose whether you want this to be a silent activity or one where everyone cooperates together. You can sort them by flavor or brand, but see who can guess the most correct answers to make cookie monster proud. Try repeating some flavors to really throw everyone off of their game!

Cookie Eating Contest: Nothing would make cookie monster prouder than a fun little competition. See how many cookies everyone can eat with a contest. You can time them on a certain number of cookies, or just see how far everyone can go with a pile in front of them. However, make sure that nobody pushes their limits too far and ends up getting sick.

The cookie monster can be a great party idea, but it’s nothing if he’s not present. Be sure that everybody knows the cookie monster is present by having all the right party supplies for your guests.