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Construction party supplies are a wonderful way to add some excitement to your Construction birthday party. Your party guests will love your attention to detail when you add construction themed favors, decorations and tableware items to your special occasion. Whether celebrating a birthday or some other fun event, these construction party supplies are sure to add to your little ones enjoyment.

The History of the Backhoe

No other piece of equipment best exemplifies construction and construction equipment better than the backhoe. Kids who like constructing stuff, digging working with equipment in general almost always favor the backhoe. But, did you ever wonder where the backhoe came from? No? You couldn’t care less? Well, even if that’s true maybe knowing a bit about the backhoe and construction in general will fascinate your little construction fan. Or, maybe it will waste five minutes of your time. Either way, without further ado, here’s some history about the backhoe.

The invention of the world’s first backhoe swing frame was in 1947 in Massachusetts by Vaino Holopainen and Roy Handy who together had formed the Wain-Roy Corporation. A year later they would sell their first hydraulic backhoe to the Connecticut Light and Power Company. They would go on to sell around 7,000 more in the next six years.

Through the Wain-Roy Corp. Roy and Vaino would continue to develop improvements to the backhoe. They developed the first reversible seat and individually controlled outriggers. They also incorporated others improvements like a 4-bar linkage for greater digging rotation developed by John Pilch. The backhoe became more and more efficient.

In 1960, Vaino struck up a deal to provide backhoes to Henry Ford II and Ford Motors. However, three years later, Ford decided to produce their own backhoes and Wain-Roy couldn’t compete with such a large company. It was the beginning of the end for Wain-Roy, and although they are no longer in business, their couplers and backhoe attachments are still available through a different company.

Today, the backhoe is still used extensively, but some more job specific tools have lessened some of the all-purpose jobs it used to do. The excavator and Front End loaders are examples of equipment that has been developed that was once specific to the backhoe.

So, there you have it some quick information on the backhoe. What you do with this powerful newfound knowledge is up to you. Enjoy it, and also enjoy your construction party supplies at your next construction themed celebration.