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Clone Wars Party Supplies, Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Party

Clone Wars party supplies are a great way to decorate your next Clone Wars birthday party! Action-packed Clone Wars styled cups, napkins, plates, and other themed tableware jump out at you in colorful and exciting imagery. And, don’t forget the fun of Clone Wars favors and decorations that will add even more thrill to your Star Wars fan’s big day. Our entire selection of Clone Wars party supplies is a wonderful way to start off any celebration!

Clone Wars and the Jedi

Clone Wars features many Jedi on its popular Cartoon Network show. Below is a list (in no particular order) of some of the Jedi characters that appear on Clone Wars and a few notes about them.

Plo Koon – Jedi master who discovered Togruta Padawan Ahsoka Tano. He also helped in many Clone War battles.

Shaak Ti – She escaped The Great Jedi Purge despite his being a member of the Jedi Council.

Kit Fisto – Kit Fisto was originally going to be a Sith character, but the creators liked him better as a Jedi. This tentacle faced alien Jedi was eventually killed by Darth Sidious.

Luminari Unduli – She is a humanoid Jedi Master. Interestingly, you can play her as a character in the Lego Star Wars video game.

Even Piell – Jedi Council member and a Lannik Jedi Master.

Mace Windu – You probably remember this Jedi as portrayed by Samuel Jackson in the Star Wars movies. He is a master on the Jedi Council who was killed by Darth Sidious in the Jedi Purge.

Saesee Tin – Jedi who mostly appeared in the original Clone Wars series.

Quinlan Vos – Quinlan Vos started his Jedi training much later in life than typical Jedis. He struggles with inner demons.

Barriss Offee – A Jedi Padawan to Luminari Unduli (above).

Adi Gallia – Jedi Master who is Corellian.

Aayla Secura – Appearing frequently in a number of Clone Wars features, she is a Twi’lek Jedi.

The Clone Wars series are exciting and popular. Make your birthday party for your Clone Wars fan just as popular with the addition of our thrilling Clone War party supplies!