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Legends of Chima Birthday Party, Legends of Chima Party Supplies

If someone in your household can’t get enough of the Legends of Chima, what better way to decorate their birthday party than with our exciting Legends of Chima party supplies? Separate the “Good Tribes” from the “Dark Tribes” or throw them all together. Decorate your setup primarily in Lion fashion or sprinkle in something from the Eagles, Gorillas, Crocodiles, Bears and more. Making your Chima party a success should be fun and easy and it is with our awesome selection of Chima party supplies!

Which Chima Tribe Do You Choose?

The Land of Chima is populated with a number of animal tribes with human characteristics (anthropomorphic). These animals and tribes interact with each other in a number of ways generally falling in the “Good Tribe” or “Dark Tribe” categories. Some groups have special skills, traits and tendencies that make the Land of Chima a delicate balance of tribal relationships that will excite your little ones. Below are a sampling of the major tribes:

The Lion Tribe
The Lion Tribe of Chima is a “Good Tribe” and fight for the good of Chima. They are pretty much the leaders of the Good Tribes with strong characters like Laval (the Prince of the Lion Tribe), Lagravis, Longtooth, Lennox, Leona and others. Other characters like Lothar (an Elder) and Leonidas (warrior) appear as well. The Lion Tribe lives in Lion City in the shadow of Mount Cavora.

The Eagle Tribe
The Eagle Tribe live in Eagle Spire and are members of the Good Tribes. They are thoughtful and deliberate. Eris the Princess, Ewald, Elon the Elder, Eglor, Elkar, Equila and other characters dominate the Eagle Tribe.

Other tribes that make up the “Good Tribes” are the Crocodile Tribe, the Wolf Tribe, the Bear Tribe, the Rhino Tribe, the Raven Tribe, the Beaver Tribe and the Gorilla Tribe.

The Scorpion Tribe
The Scorpion Tribe is the strongest tribe of the “Dark Tribes”. The Dark Tribes were created after Laval (from the Lion Tribe) threw the Crocodile Chi Orbs into a chasm and exposed the Scorpions, Bats and Spiders to their power. Some of the more important Scorpion Tribe members are Scorm (the King), Scrug, Scutter (soldier), Scolder (general and possible Prince), Sparrmax and more.

Bat and Spider Tribes
Important members of the Bat Tribe are Blista (possible Prince), Braptor (the King), Blink (soldier), Banter and more. Some of the Spider Tribe members are Spinlyn (the Queen), Sparratus (possible Prince), Spindle (soldier) and others.

Ice Hunter Tribes, Fire Tribes, Nomads and Legend Beasts

Other tribes like the Ice Hunter Tribes and Fire Tribes show up and have their interesting characters with their own identities and special abilities. Also, some characters (like Skinnet and Furtivo) like to go out on their own and are referred to as Nomads. Finally, the Legends Beasts (animals that did not drink from the Chi of Mount Cavora) make appearances as ordinary animals and appear when needed the most.

Chima Birthday Party, Chima Party Supplies

The Chima world is an exciting world of adventure for your little ones, so why not bring that excitement home to their birthday party. Make your celebration a little more exciting with a host of our Chima party favors, Chima decorations, Chima tableware and more! Make your special day a magical and memorable one with the addition of all our fantastic Chima party supplies!