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Caveman Party Supplies, Caveman Party Decorations

Caveman party supplies are a great way to get your cave-dwelling party theme started off on the right foot. Like the caveman discovered fire, you’ll discover that our caveman plates, cups, napkins and other caveman birthday items are the perfect fit for your birthday party or other special occasion. Set your woolly mammoth traps, etch a few cave drawings and get ready for a wonderful caveman themed party when you purchase from our fun selection of fantastic caveman party supplies!

Caveman Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Go back to prehistoric times with a caveman party. Offer something both unique and fun by letting your guests get messy and creative as they transform into cavemen.


Finger Foods: Cavemen didn’t have the luxury of utensils while they ate, and kids will love the fact that they can eat with their hands at this party. You can provide them with finger Foods like drumsticks and hamburgers, or give them special permission to dive into meals that typically require utensils, like mac and cheese. The choice is up to you!

Shish Kabobs: A lot of Food was cooked over a fire back in the ancient times, and shish kabobs can bring back that same feeling. You can cook these for your guests, or let them have at it themselves over a roaring fire. Don’t forget that there are both fruit and meat kabobs that can be made, so any type of eater can be catered to.


Track a Dinosaur: Thrill your guests with a fun scavenger hunt as they look for a dinosaur. Get some footprints going around the house and yard (you can imprint them in mud if you want) and see if your guests can figure out where the creature is hiding. Be sure to have a prize waiting for them when they finally reach the goal. For example, you can lead the footprints right to the cake that you have ready for everyone to eat!

Become a Caveman : What better way to experience what a caveman would live like than dressing up like one? Both boys and girls can become cavemen, giving them paper bags and fake fur to cover themselves with. Provide everyone with some images so they know what they are going for, but let them be creative and have fun as well.

Pictographs: Cavemen are known for their pictographic drawings that they left in their caves. Turn this into a fun game by having one person draw out a certain object or animal. Everyone guesses what the drawing is, and then the artist switches roles. Be sure that all of your partygoers are given the chance to draw so that nobody feels left out of the game. You can even pit people against each other by splitting them up into teams.

While cavemen didn’t have access to what we have today, that doesn’t mean that you should be unprepared for your party. Get the best party items today to ensure that all of your guests have a fantastic time!