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Camping Party Supplies, Camping Party Decorations

Grab your sleeping bags, your tents and our fantastic camping party supplies because it’s time for a camping party! Our cute camping party decorations, camping party plates and other fun party items are perfect for serving hot dogs, roasted marshmallows, smores and/or other tasty campfire foods. Whether you’re traveling hundreds of miles to your favorite campground vacation spot or you’re simply headed to your backyard for a barbecue, these cute camping party supplies and camping decorations are a perfect addition to your big day.

Camping Party Ideas

Take everyone out to the great outdoors with a fun camping party! Don’t let everyone get holed up inside all day, there’s plenty to be done out in the wild.


Trail Mix: Get some snacks for the trip outside by making some trail mix. Making a bag is easy; just mix in some peanuts, M&M’s, raisins, chocolate chips, and dried fruit for a yummy treat everyone can eat on the go. This can be as healthy or sweet as you like, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Cookout: What’s a camping party without a good, old-fashioned campfire cookout? Campers of all ages will love roasting marshmallows to make smores or hot dogs for a meal. This is a delicious and fun way to get rid of the chores of cooking while teaching everyone the importance of safety and how to have fun. Plus, nothing beats the experience of sitting around a fire with some of your favorite friends and connecting with one another.


Make a camping song: We all know the camping songs that we grew up with, but why not create a new one for everyone to learn? Have everybody sit down in a group, and rewrite a popular tune or create on from scratch. You might discover a few talented lyricists in your group, and everyone will have fun pitching in and hearing the finished product.

Campout: If you are having a sleepover party, why not take it outside as well? You can teach everyone valuable lessons like how to make a tent and prepare a sleeping bag. Some kids may have never experienced an outdoor sleeping experience, and it’s something that everyone should try. If the weather isn’t right, you can always have a fun campout in the garage as well.

Scavenger Hunt: Anyone who’s been in the great outdoors knows that you need to keep a keen eye out for your surroundings at all times. Have a fun scavenger hunt and get everyone going by making them look for certain items outside. You can make this a learning experience by having them find certain leaves or bugs and informing them about how it is helpful or harmful to campers. Take it a step further by giving everyone a compass and teaching them to read it as they look for their items.

You always need the right supplies for a campout. Don’t be unprepared for your camping party; get all of the necessary party supplies now!