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Camo party supplies and military party supplies are a great way to decorate your military themed event. Whether celebrating a military style birthday, family event or other occasion, you’ll love these camouflage cups, plates, napkins and other camo tableware. Add camo decorations, favors, and cake supplies for even more camo flair. Whatever your celebration, you’ll love decorating it with our exciting camo party supplies!

History of Camouflage in the Modern Military

The first regular military units to use camouflage in the modern era (i.e. not counting tribal units or other military throughout history that may have used “natural” coloring to help hide their actions) were a couple of British units. The 95th Rifle Regiment and the 60th Rifle Regiment both used green jackets in the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815) to help keep them hidden with their longer range rifles near the front lines. British troops stationed in India would later dye their white uniforms a more natural color to blend in with the local landscape.

Other nations began adapting the British. The United States used green jackets in the Civil War. Russia and Italy also followed suit with different colors in different climates.

The warring nations in World War I expanded their use of camouflage to more and more military units. Interestingly, the French were slow to change and had widespread objection throughout their military to camouflage adoption. The French’s red pants were considered prestigious and officers and soldiers alike voiced their dislike for camouflage.

By the middle and end of World War II camouflage became more widespread. By then, most armies had adopted it in their ranks. Today, different camouflaged uniforms for different climates are widespread in organized militaries throughout the world.

Camo party supplies are a great way to add military style to your birthday or other special occasion. Celebrate your love of the military with the help of military themed party items.