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Bob the Builder Party Ideas

Stuck with boring party ideas – can we fix it? Yes we can! Plan the ultimate Bob the Builder party with fun Bob the Builder party supplies, activities and yummy treats.

Piñata : Get a bulldozer piñata filled with treats for a fun and easy activity that will get kids in the party spirit and even give them some take-home sweets. For a Bob the Builder twist, give the kids mini tool belts to gather their sweets instead of bags.

Build a house: Bob always has new projects, and kids can build their own house – a gingerbread house that is. Bake the dough ahead and press into molds or simply buy the pre-made kits. Then at the party, provide candy and icing for kids to construct their own special house.

Parent/Child Wheelbarrow races: Pair up kids and their parents into teams and organize fun wheelbarrow races in the yard. It’s perfect for a large outdoor space.

Find the Tools: Fill a plastic pool with dirt or use a filled sandbox to set the construction scene. Hide various plastic construction tools – buckets, hammers, etc. – and then give each little builder a shovel to find the tools in the box.

Party Food

Peanut Butter & Jelly: As Bob’s favorite sandwich, make sure to serve classic PB&J sandwiches to each guest. Make it fun by serving them in brown paper bags with a juice box and snack just like they were at their own construction site.

Muddy Men at Work: Take mini yellow construction helmets and fill them with chocolate pudding. Add crushed Oreos or other cookies. Add a gummy worm for an authentic “muddy” effect.

Dumptruck Snacks: Serve chips, pretzels and nuts off the back of plastic Tonka trucks. Add silver shovels for an added construction feel.

Bob the Builder Cake: Make a standard chocolate sheet cake. Use vanilla icing, but add 3 drops of black food coloring to make the icing gray. Cover the cake in the gray “cement” icing. Crush up some chocolate cookies to make dirt and add that on top of the cake. Add candy corn for construction cones and plastic trucks. Bob the Builder cake toppers can also set the scene.