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Boat Party Supplies, Boat Birthday Party

Boat party supplies are great for birthdays, sailing parties, vacations and other special occasions. If you’re planning a boat trip or have a family full of boat aficionados you’ll love our selection of colorful tableware, nautical themed decorations and other fun boat party supplies. Make your next party an exciting water excursion with the help of our fantastic boat party items!

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Boat Party Supplies, Boat Birthday Party

You’ll shout “Anchors aweigh!” with our wonderful selection of boat party supplies! If you’ve got someone in your family who’s fascinated by sailing and boats, you’ll love all of our nautical themed party products. Colorful tableware, boat party decorations, boat favors and other fun stuff are a great way to greet your guests. Make your party a sailing party with the help of all of our wonderful boat party supplies!

Boat Birthday Party Ideas

Prepare for some high seas adventure with these nautical-inspired party ideas that all your little sailors will love. Prepare for some boating action and maybe seeing a few swimming fish along the way.


Life Saver Bagels: No sail boat party is complete without life savers. Use cream cheese with a little bit of jam to spread over toasted bagels to make them look like edible life savers. Yum!

Fish Shaped Sandwiches: Use cookie cutters to cut fish shapes out of peanut butter sandwiches or deli sandwiches. Everyone will have fun choosing their sandwiches when they look so cool and taste good, too.

Blue Fruit Punch: Make fruit punch look like it was taken from a cartoon ocean by serving blue coloured fruit punch with a couple of colorful, floating gummy fish. Kids will love how whimsical it looks and how tasty it is!


Create Your Own Sailboat: Have all of the kids make their own sailboat from construction paper. Include markers, stickers, and crayons for this activity so that they can add designs to their boat creation. Coat the bottom of the paper boat with a little bit of wax and then watch as the new boat floats in a bowl of water or in the pool. The kids can even have a boat race to see which one sails across the fastest – or which one sinks first. It is sure to be a blast for everyone.

Octopus Tag Game: Use this boat on the ocean theme to refresh a traditional game like “tag”. One person is “it”, which means that they are the octopus. Everyone will be running fast in this fun, quick-paced game. Every time the octopus tags someone, they become a fish and they must help the evil octopus catch other “fish.” Everyone will love this silly and exciting game that will make them feel like they really just jumped off the boat.

Sailboat Coloring Books: Hand out a page of a sail boat for all of the kids and ask them to color in and personalize their pages with a full array of crayon colors. After they are finished coloring their dream sail boats, ask them what ocean they would rather sail in and why. The questions are sure to fuel their imagination and create a lot of fun as everyone thinks about where in the world they would like to be at the moment.