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Blues Clues Party Supplies, Blues Clues Birthday Party

Blues Clues party supplies can be a lot of fun at your upcoming birthday party! And, it doesn’t have to be a birthday to celebrate with the Blue Clues party items, go ahead and bring them along for other family occasions, or just for some added fun. Invite Blue, Periwinkle and the others (even that snooty Mr. Salt) to your big day with the helpful addition of our fantastic Blues Clues party supplies.

Blues Clues Birthday Party, Blues Clues Party Activities

Even though Blue’s Clues stopped creating new episodes of their show in 2006, the show remains extremely popular today. Beginning in 1996 and running for ten years, the show survived a change in hosts (from Steve to Joe) and became the highest rated show on commercial television at the time. Blues Clues was a huge factor in making Nickelodeon the success it is today.

So, that’s enough discussion about the show. You probably know how popular it is because of your own kids and because you’re here looking for Blues Clues birthday party stuff.

Super Easy Blues Clues Birthday Cake

In order to make this cake, we’re going to skip ahead and assume you’ve made simple cakes and cupcakes before. If you haven’t ever made a cake before, go buy a cake mix and a cupcake mix and figure it out from the directions. You’ll need a round cake pan and a cupcake pan.

Okay, to make a simple Blues Clues birthday cake, use the round cake pan to make a round cake. Then make four cupcakes (you probably want to make more than that for everyone, but you only need four for this part of the project) that will become the top of your paw print. Once you’ve made the cake and cupcakes, frost them with blue frosting (a little blue dye with white frosting) and arrange them to look like a giant Blue’s Clues paw. Simply, place the round blue cake on your party table and place the four smaller blue cupcakes in a semicircle above it. There you have it, a cute Blue’s Clue paw for your birthday party.

Blues Clues Party Game

Probably the best party game you can play for a Blue’s Clues themed party is play out an episode of Blues Clues. Place some mystery prizes novelty toys that all of the kids will enjoy in a box and hide it somewhere on the party grounds. Then using some blue construction paper, cut out some paw shaped clues, write some clues on them, and leave them around for your guests to find.

As an alternate way to play the game, you could simply make the contents of the box a mystery and have the clues give hints as to the contents. Once the children guess what the mystery box contains, the game is over and they get to open it up. Feel free to incorporate other features of the television show (The Thinking Chair, notebooks, etc.) along with this game to make things more exciting.

Have Fun at Your Blue Clues Birthday Party!

Have a great time planning and throwing your Blues Clues birthday party. Plan ahead, make sure you have a healthy amount of Blues Clues party supplies on hand, and remember to have fun with it, and your guests should too!