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Blaze Party Supplies, Blaze Party Favors

Blaze and the Monster Machines party supplies are a super-fast way to bring the fun of Blaze, AJ, Gabbym Darrington, Zeg and the whole monster machine gang home to your celebration! Whether planning a Blaze and the Monster Machines birthday or some other fun get-together, your little ones will love all of our monster machine themed favors and more! Decorate your walls with Blaze decorations and your party tables with our colorful tableware. Finally, add some fun cake decorations and other Blaze items for good measure. One thing’s for sure, your guests will love your Blazin’ birthday style!

Blaze and the Monster Machine Characters

Let’s Blaze with the help of everyone’s favorite Blaze and the Monster Machines characters! There’s a number of great characters when you arrive in Axle City and in each fast-paced episode of Blaze. Which fun personality is your little one’s favorite?

  • Blaze: Blaze is an awesome red monster truck that’s one of the stars of the show. With his best friend AJ at the wheel, it’s tough to keep up with Blaze when he gets going!
  • AJ: AJ is best friends with Blaze and his driver. At eight years old, he’s a bit of a technology expert. This skill really helps out from time to time.
  • Gabby: Gabby is a helpful girl mechanic who works with, and knows all the racers. If they need a fix, she’s the one they look for.
  • Darington: Darington is a fast monster machine who loves doing tricks and showing off a little bit.
  • Zeg: Zeg is a strong, sometimes brutish, half triceratops, half monster machine who’s a real original.
  • Starla: Starla is a monster truck who’s purple in color and can rope with the best of any cowboys.
  • Pickles: Pickles is a small green truck (compared to the other monsters) who loves following Crusher around even if Crusher barely notices him.
  • Stripes: Stripes is a tigerific tiger-striped truck with the abilities of a tiger.
  • Crusher: Perhaps the most dislikable of the monster machines, Crusher often lets his ego and his me-first attitude get in the way. He can be a lot to handle.

Have a Fastastic Blaze and the Monster Machines Birthday Party!

Take your favorite group of party-goers on an adventure to Axle City with the help of all our wonderful Blaze and the Monster Machines party supplies. With Blaze party supplies, you can turn an ordinary gathering into a race-filled, high-octane monster bash! Invite everyone to take part in your Monster Dome with the help of all our charming and speedy Blaze and the Monster Machines party supplies!