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Beyblade Tournament Party goes well with Beyblade Party Supplies

Beyblade is a manga series made into an anime cartoon. Created in Japan, it's about a group of kids who battle with powerful spinning tops called Beyblades that are enchanted with magical spirits. All three seasons of Beyblade were released in English, and became very popular among younger children.

Beyblade Tournament Time!

Celebrate your next Beyblade birthday party in Beyblade-style, have an all-day tournament, just like on the shows! Depending on how many kids will be over, create two or three separate arenas for tournaments to be held. Just secure separate areas on a hard surface if you don’t have anything to use for arenas.

It might be a good idea to have a competition schedule ahead of time and give each child his or her own bracket sheet. Allow each child to compete three times, then hold a playoff round. Let kids be the refs when they’re not competing in a round as well.

Each child can bring his or her own top to spin, or you can have tops available at the party. Do the best of three to make the tournament a little more exciting. You could even buy a trophy from the dollar store to give to the winner!

Beyblade Party Food

Since the tournament will take up a lot of the day, it may be a good idea to have finger food available for the meal. You could make mini pizzas on bagels, have chips, veggies and fruit out, and make ice cream sundaes for dessert! This won’t require a sit-down meal since the kids will be more interested in competing anyway.