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Bakugan Birthday Party Supplies, Bakugan Birthday Party

Let your birthday party journey to Vestoria with the help of these action-packed Bakugan party supplies. Your party guests will love fending off the Doom Beings when they use these thrilling Bakugan-themed plates, cups, napkins and other tableware. Make your party even more exciting with the addition of these fantastic Bakugan party supplies.

Bakugan Trivia and Fun Facts

Look, I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about Bakugan and what’s going on in this show. I’ll admit I’ve never watched an episode. But, I have two daughters that love My Little Pony, and I can barely tell you the main plot points of that either. So, even if I were to watch Bakugan, I’m not sure I could follow the falling cards from the sky and transfer you to another dimension plot long enough to be able to have much of a conversation about it. And this is probably true for you as well.

Okay, so what’s my point? My point is you don’t have to understand Bakugan to have fun with it. If your kid loves Bakugan, try putting together some Bakugan trivia. Make the trivia into a game, contest or other party activity. Award prizes or just test your guests' knowledge, but have fun with it. Below are some examples we’ve put together for your convenience.

What was the name of Bakugan’s first season?
Battle Brawlers

What were the names of Bakugan's second, third and fourth seasons?
Season 2: New Vestroia
Season 3: Gundalian Invaders
Season 4: Mechtanium Surge

What are the 6 attributes in the Bakugan game?
On one side you have The Power Triangle, composed of Pyrus (fire), Aquos (water) and Haos (light). The 3 on the other side are The Triangle of Power (couldn’t they have come up with a name a little more different?) consisting of Darkus (darkness), Ventus (wind) and Subterra (rock).

What is the full name of Bakugan’s main character?
Dan Kuso

Use the above Bakugan trivia for your party or come up with your own. Write the questions and answers for fun on your Bakugan plates and/or cups or incorporate them into other party activities. Your party guests will have fun with this and with your other Bakugan party supplies.