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Backyardigans Party Supplies, Backyardigans Birthday Party

Our Backyardigans party supplies are here, and they’ve brought along some colorful fun for your little one’s special day. You’ll be singing the Backyardigans song over and over and over and over again in your head (trust me, I’ve seen the show many times with my children and that song just doesn’t go away) after decorating your party with these fabulous Backyardigans tableware, favors, cake kits, decorations and other party items. If your child loves the Backyardigans, they are sure to love these terrific Backyardigans party supplies!

Backyardigans Trivia Fun

Kids love trivia! Below are a few fun Backyardigans trivia questions for you to throw out at your upcoming Backyardigans event. Test the kids (and adults too) with our entertaining trivia.

Can you name all of the Backyardigans?

Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin

What type of animal is Austin?

Austin is a kangaroo.

The backyard where the Backyardigans play is a shared backyard between three houses. Which characters’ houses share the backyard?

The backyard where the Backyardigans play is shared by Pablo’s, Tyrone’s and Uniqua’s houses. Austin’s and Tasha’s houses are nearby.

What year did Backyardigans first premier?

The Backyardigans first arrived to television in 2004.

How does the Backyardigans show always end?

It ends with one of the Backyardigans inviting the others inside for a snack.

Did you know?

Each Backyardigans character has two voice actors; one to speak and one to sing.

Enjoy Your Backyardigans Bash

Top off your next birthday or other event with the help of our awesome Backyardigans party supplies! If you have a Backyardigans lover, he is sure to be beside himself with joy when he sees all of our Backyardigans supplies waiting for him on his birthday.