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Avatar Party Supplies, Avatar Birthday Party

Avatar party supplies are a wonderful way to decorate your Avatar themed celebration. Our Avatar favors, decorations and tableware (including Avatar plates, napkins, cups and more) are a great way send your party straight to Pandora (the planet, not the coffee place where I work on Saturdays…that’s Panera). Whether celebrating a family get-together, movie night or someone’s birthday, these Avatar party supplies are a fantastic way to add excitement to your special occasion.

Avatar Trivia and Interesting Facts

Everyone loves trivia. Let your party guests share their knowledge of the movie Avatar when you use our trivia questions below. Or, come up with your own Avatar trivia questions and use those. Either way, a number of party games or activities can be integrated into your party to initiate some fun and entertainment. So, enjoy the trivia and see if you know the answers.

What is the ridiculous name of the valuable mineral that the Resources Development Administration (RDA) is mining for on the planet Pandora?

Unobtainium (Seriously, that name is ridiculous, and only slightly better than the once considered Hardtofindium)

What is Neytiri’s mother’s name?


In what year did writer and director James Cameron write his 80-page treatment for the movie?


What year was Avatar finally released?


What was the film’s estimated budget?

$237 million

What was James Cameron’s primary reason for waiting so long to finish the movie?

He needed the special effects and technology to advance far enough to be able to complete his vision of the film.

What is the name of the theme song for Avatar and who sang it?

“I See You” was sung by Leona Lewis.

Test your guests with trivia and decorate your party with our Avater themed items. Avatar party supplies and Avatar trivia are definitely a fun way to liven up any celebration.