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Angry Birds Party Supplies and Other Fun!

Angry Birds first came on the scene at the end of 2009 as a mobile phone app, and now it's on almost every phone, computer, and tablet around. Get in on the fun and put together a 'search' party with the whole flock and these Angry Birds party supplies!

Stay angry, birds; Get those pigs! That might be the slogan for the wildly popular Angry Birds video game, but your Angry Birds Party guests will have a blast!

Party Activities

Life-Sized Angry Birds Game
Set up cardboard boxes (spray paint some of them gray to look like cement blocks) in your yard, and set green balloons with pig faces drawn on them in magic marker on top of the boxes. Have the party guests toss red, blue, black, and yellow water balloons at the green balloons to knock them over and give the winner angry bird party favors as prizes!

Egg Hunt
Find where the naughty piggies have hidden all of the bird’s eggs. Fill up brightly-colored plastic Easter eggs with candy and treats and hide them all over for a fun, and tasty treasure hunt!

Balloon Stomp
Use the green balloons from the Life-Sized Angry Birds Game, and put them in one room. Let the party guests have a blast stomping and popping the piggies! (Remember to take care of any stray balloon bits afterwards, though. They can be hazardous to little ones and pets.)

Party Food

Root Beer Floats
Serve frosty root beer poured over delicious vanilla ice cream in your Angry Birds cups for an awesome drink.

Pigs in a Blanket
Roll up tasty sausages in light, fluffy pancakes, served with mini-bowls of maple syrup, for a classic appetizer that was tailor-made for an Angry Birds party!

Angry Birds Cake Pops
Serve cake pops that look like your favorite Angry Birds. Or even better, set up bowls with a selection of tiny candies and sprinkles and let your guests customize them any way they like!