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Adventure Time Party Supplies, Adventure Time Birthday Party

Adventure Time party supplies are a fantastic way to add Adventure Time fun at your next birthday party or other get-together. Invite Finn and Jake to your next celebration with the help of our colorful tableware, decorations, favors, cupcake rings and more. Make your Adventure Time themed party a great one with the help of our wonderful Adventure Time party supplies!

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Tableware - Plates, Napkins, Cups & More!

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Decorations - Balloons, Banners & Other Cool Decorations!

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Adventure Time Party Supplies, Adventure Time Decorations

Adventure Time is an extremely popular show found on the Cartoon Network. If you’ve got an Adventure Time fan in your household and you’re planning an Adventure Time themed birthday party, you’ll love our selection of colorful Adventure Time party supplies. Even if there’s no birthday on the immediate horizon, our party items are a fun way to liven up any gathering. Have a great time at your get-together with the help of our fantastic Adventure Time party supplies!

Adventure Time Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Bring one of the most popular cartoons on Cartoon Network into your home with an Adventure Time party! The fun never stops as people of all ages take a step into the Land of Ooo and live out their own adventures!

Fantastic Adventure Time Food Ideas

Everything Burrito: One episode of Adventure Time revolves around the Everything Burrito. Give everyone a big, fun meal by letting them enjoy their very own! A number of different ingredients can be used for the burrito, though spatulas, frying pans, buttered flapjacks, and a bowl of cereal shouldn’t be included in your very own Everything Burrito. If you want kids to make their own Everything Burrito, you can have a separate tray of toppings and ingredients that they can wrap into their very own giant burrito.

Bubblegum Princess Candy: The Bubblegum Princess is as sweet as can be (most of the time) so let everyone indulge in their sweet side with some yummy candy. You can have a table dedicated to sweets, as well as healthier options too. You can decorate the table in pink to help with the overall theme, while separating each candy into big bowls.

Adventurous Activities

Fist Bump: When Jake and Finn accomplish a mission, they seal the deal with a fist bump. Make this a fun activity by letting everyone go around and fist bumping one another. It’s a great way to get kids to interact with others that they don’t know, and they’ll be doing it by acting out a scene from their favorite show.

Scavenger Hunt: Who doesn’t love an exciting scavenger hunt? Let your guests discover new lands by searching for a lost treasure (or perhaps princess?) Give them a trail of clues to follow and lead them on around the yard or home. You can adjust the difficulty of the clues to your party guest’s age, but everyone is sure to have fun with this activity.

Become Jake or Finn: Make your party a costume party by letting everyone become one of their favorite characters. It’s easy to do, especially for the two main characters. Finn just needs a light blue shirt, dark blue pants, and a white hat. Jake is even easier, as you just need to dress all in yellow. If you are feeling extra-adventurous, you can even hand out plastic swords so that kids can go on their very own adventure! Don’t forget Princess Bubblegum if you have any girls who want to be a princess, she’s dressed from head to toe in pink.

Bring Adventure Time Home for Your Celebration!

Adventure Time party supplies are a super easy way to add fun and excitement to your Adventure Time birthday party! Just hanging a couple of Adventure Time decorations, giving out a few Adventure Time favors, and perhaps sprinkling in some themed cake decorations can turn a regular party into an Adventure Time extravaganza. Prepare for your party ahead of time and have a wonderful day with the addition of our cool Adventure Time party supplies!