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Winnie the Pooh Party Supplies, Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

Party Activities

  • Pin the Tail on Eeyore - This is a great activity for helping Pooh’s ol’ friend Eeyore find his tail!
  • Hunny Hunt - Hide pots of “hunny” for the kids to find! (Fill glass jars with treats and let the kids find their own hunny pot) and give out Winnie the Pooh party favors as prizes.
  • Bouncin’ Tigger - Tigger is Pooh’s best friend, and this game is great for a group of friends. Play a version of “hot potato” with a small tiger beanie toy.
  • Story Time with Owl - Read a short story from one of the Winnie the Pooh storybooks or poems for a quiet activity.

Party Food

  • Pooh Bear’s Hunny Pots - Fill mini plastic flower pots (preferably red or blue) with honey nut Cheerios, honey roasted peanuts, honey pretzels and other honey-flavored treats.
  • Rabbit’s Veggie Garden - Cut up carrots and celery and serve with dipping sauces for a healthy snack fresh from Rabbit’s garden.
  • Bee-yootiful Cupcakes - Make mini cupcakes topped with vanilla icing with fondant flowers, leaves, and bees.
  • Tiggerific Cookies - Make chocolate chocolate chip cookies and cover them with vanilla icing tinted with orange food coloring. Then add stripes of chocolate fudge to make the tiger stripes.