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How to Make a Pinwheel for Your Pinwheel-Themed Party

Pinwheels are always fun for kids to play with. But if you’re thinking of handing out pinwheels with your other favors at your little one’s get together, why not let them have some fun making them themselves. Rather than handing out pinwheels, gather the kids and some simple materials at your kitchen table or other convenient spot and get everyone building their own colorful pinwheel.

What You’ll Need
- Scissors
- Construction paper (fairly thick, preferably a variety of colors)
- Bendable straws
- Hole punch
- Plasticine
- Sticky tape

1. Cut your construction paper into approximately 4” x 4” squares. If you can find construction card stock already cut into squares, you can avoid this step.
2. Fold your square in half from the corners (both ways), then unfold so that a crease remains.
3. Use your scissors to cut lines from each corner about ¾ of the way to the middle of the square.
4. Punch a hole at each of the corners (4 holes) at the left point.
5. Next, you’ll need to punch a hole into the center of the square. You should now have 5 holes total in each square.
6. Make sure you have bendy straws and bend them to create an angle. Push the short part of the bendy straw through your square's center hole. Then, gently fold over each corner hole and place them over the same short part of the straw. As you fold over each corner, secure them with a small piece of sticky tape. You could also use staples if you don’t have tape.
7. If necessary, remove the square from the straw and widen the hole with a cutter to enable the pinwheel to spin easier.
8. Once the pinwheel is put back together, secure the pinwheel with a piece of plasticine or other stopper to hold the pinwheel in place.